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Why You Should Bring Cold Brew Coffee into Your Boston-Area Office

If you want your employees to be happy, you need to show them that they are valued. One way employers do that is by offering workplace perks. While you might consider ever-present coffee to be a perk, it is so common, and often so uninspiring, that it hardly registers with most employees. To them, it’s just part of the environment, like a functioning washroom.


Enter cold brew coffee – a style of coffee that employees notice and really appreciate. Cold brew coffee is not a new concept, but it has gained in popularity over the past year. Cold brew is so good that takes coffee out of the background and makes it a perk again. When you read the benefits, you will understand why.



Traditional coffee is brewed quickly, at high temperatures, giving coffee its signature “bite.” If brewed too quickly, at too high a temperature, you’re left with a nasty burnt taste.  Cold brew coffee, in contrast, is brewed at or below room temperature over a long period of time (12 or more hours).


First-rate, cold brew coffee is an asset in any office setting. It boasts a smooth and even taste that will satisfy even the hardest to please coffee lovers. Where sub-par coffee can turn an employee’s mood sour, great coffee can help them get the day started right. An office full of happy, well-caffeinated employees is a productive office.


Caffeine Content

Cold brew coffee has a higher concentration of caffeine than conventional drop coffee. In fact, undiluted cold brew coffee has roughly the same amount of caffeine ounce for ounce as espresso.


Feeling exhausted and zapped of energy at the office can be a real headache for any employee. Higher levels of caffeine can lead to greater focus and a more alert team. If you want your employees to have laser-sharp focus for hours on end, the caffeine content in cold brew coffee can do the trick.


Health Benefits


Coffee is full of antioxidants, phytochemicals and nutrients that are good for our bodies, but traditionally brewed coffee can be a nightmare for some. The high acid content of hot-brewed coffee has been known to cause acid reflux or other stomach issues.

Cold brewed coffee is far less acidic than its hot counterpart. Less acid means happier stomachs.


If you’re on the lookout for five-star cold brew coffee for your Boston-area office, call BostonbeaN today at 800-448-2739. Based in Woburn, Massachusetts, we provide the finest and most delicious cold brew options in the area, period. We cater to the cold brew coffee requirements of offices small and large and we’re here to accommodate your wishes. Call now to learn about our amazing cold brew coffee.

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