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Choose the Right Cleaning Products for Your Break Room

The break room may be your employees’ favorite part of the office, but only if it’s clean. A cluttered, dirty space is neither inviting or appealing. A neat room, on the other hand, welcomes employees to come in, relax and take their minds off work […]

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Making the Perfect Cup

In his famous essay on tea, George Orwell said that one should drink out of a good breakfast cup. By that, he meant a mug, not a teacup. The reason? A mug, with vertical sides, has less exposed surface area for a given volume of […]

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Create a Break Room That’s Good for Business

No one can give 100% all the time. Even the most committed employees need to take a break now and then to relax and recharge batteries. Discouraging employee breaks is tantamount to encouraging burnout. Some employers seem to purposely make their break rooms unappealing to […]

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From Bean to Cup: How We Get Coffee

Our favorite beverage doesn’t come easily. There are unending disputes about the best way to brew coffee and the best varieties of beans. But before they get to the store shelves where you can agonize over your choice, coffee beans first have to be grown […]

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Why Provide Healthy Snacks for Your Employees?

Companies that want to improve employee retention would do well to start in the kitchen. Many employers have taken to heart the idea that the way to increase employee satisfaction is to provide food in the workplace. Free lunches, snacks in the break rooms, and […]

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Why You Should Bring Cold Brew Coffee into Your Boston-Area Office

If you want your employees to be happy, you need to show them that they are valued. One way employers do that is by offering workplace perks. While you might consider ever-present coffee to be a perk, it is so common, and often so uninspiring, […]

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The Benefits of Cold Brew VS. Hot Brew Coffee

The benefits of cold brew coffee versus hot brew coffee. 1. Coffee contains phytochemicals, antioxidants, and other nutrients beneficial to our bodies. A deterrent for some people is that it can cause acid reflux or similar issues. 2. Cold brew coffee is far less acidic […]

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