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Choose the Right Cleaning Products for Your Break Room

The break room may be your employees’ favorite part of the office, but only if it’s clean. A cluttered, dirty space is neither inviting or appealing.

A neat room, on the other hand, welcomes employees to come in, relax and take their minds off work for a few minutes. A restful break prepares workers to get back to the job with renewed focus and energy.

Keeping the break room clean should be a group effort. People are more likely to pitch in if they know what’s expected of them and the right cleaning products are on hand. Keep your break space stocked with the following tools and supplies so everyone can contribute.

Dish Soap

Piles of dishes in the sink are one of the biggest complaints about office break areas. Keep dish soap near the sink to encourage employees to take care of their own dishes. Clorox Pump ‘N Clean Kitchen and Dish Cleaner has a convenient dispenser and can be used for both dishes and hard surfaces. Also keep on hand a good supply of dish sponges, scrubbers, and brushes, and make sure they get swapped out before they get too gross.

All-Purpose Spray

A quick daily wipe-down of sinks, tables, and counters will do wonders for the look of your break space. Choose a multipurpose spray that can be used on a variety of surfaces, such as Formula 409 Multi-Surface Cleaner. Its germ-busting powers are a plus.

Cleaning Rags

The room needs a supply of rags that employees can use for washing dishes or wiping down surfaces. The same rags should not be used for both jobs. Disposable kitchen towels can be reused a few times then disposed of, which reduces the opportunity for bacteria buildup.

Broom and Dustpan

The floor should be swept daily even if it doesn’t look messy, so a dedicated broom and dustpan are must-haves for your break area. A set with a long-handled dustpan, such as the OXO Good Grips Sweep Set, won’t require employees to bend over to clean up the dust piles. The broom and dustpan link together for easy storage.

Floor Mop

Hopefully, you have a janitorial team that comes in to take care of the heavy-duty cleaning. If so, a light-duty mop will suffice for a quick clean-up of spills and sticky spots. A Swiffer WetJet Extra Power mop works on a variety of flooring surfaces, has a built-in scrubbing strip, and comes with disposable pads that can be pitched after a mopping session.

List of Rules

All of the cleaning supplies in the world won’t help if employees don’t use them. Draft a list of rules and post them in the break room. These policies should outline what tasks everyone is responsible for daily (e.g., “Wash your own dishes”) and also assign rotating responsibilities to all members of the team so that everyone takes turns with the big jobs.

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