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Gathering around the water cooler is old news! Your employees would rather flock to a high quality office espresso machine. Here at Boston Bean, we carry only the top brands and products, so can give your staff the best and see increased productivity and improved morale as a result.  

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Segafredo Coffee Machine SZ




Coffee is like someone you love
and can’t manage without…”

 Massimo Zanetti Coffee Company;


Mr. Massimo Zanetti’s grandfather sold coffee. So did his father. So does he. The difference is that his grandfather and father were in the business of green coffee. Mr. Massimo Zanetti was the first in the family to produce and sell roasted coffee. That was 35 years ago. At that time, the company was selling about a ton of roasted coffee a year.

Today, the Massimo Zanetti Company, based in Bologna, Italy, offers a wide array of premium coffee and produces many tons of coffee annually. Operations include a coffee plantation and green coffee processing plant in Brazil, a coffee mill in Costa Rica, a green coffee export company in both markets, and a green coffee trading company in Switzerland. They now run roasting plants throughout the world, a far cry from the modest beginnings of the company. With old world traditions and values still in place, Massimo Zanetti continues to operate at the highest of quality standards.


As a third-generation coffee company headquartered in Bologna, Italy, Massimo Zanetti brings coffee passion and expertise to your business. We offer a custom turn-key package, working directly with you to design an espresso, coffee and tea program tailored to your
business needs. We create highly profitable programs that will grow your business
 and satisfy the discriminating coffee customer.


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Lavazza cup

Coffee is naturally at the centre of Lavazza’s universe: Coffea Arabica and Coffea Canephora (widely known as Robusta) are the two coffee species used to produce and market this product.

The coffee plant grows in the Tropic zone, at altitudes between about 200 and 2,000 metres (656 and 6561 feet).
The fruits are called cherries and, just like cherries, are harvested when they are ripe and a bright red or deep yellow colour. The precious beans are found inside.

An excellent raw material is essential for the quality of the end product, in the same way as it is essential to constantly control each processing stage.
The experts in the Research & Development department monitor the whole process of coffee production, from purchasing right through to extraction in the cup, so as to ensure that the coffee meets Lavazza’s Quality Standards.

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