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Bevi Pour Something Good, Choose Environmentally Friendly Water


Bevi Pour Something Good. Choose Environmentally Friendly water

Offer your employees environmentally-friendly water choices including sparkling, still, and flavored waters.

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Bevi Pour Something Good, Environmentally Friendly Water

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Add a variety of both sweetened and unsweetened flavors to your water. Options range from lemon seltzer to organically sweetened blueberry-cucumber water.  Improve water quality with our filtration system, which removes over 99% of lead and 98% of chlorine from tap water. LOWER CARBON FOOTPRINT Achieve sustainability goals by reducing plastic and energy waste. Our point-of-use system not only makes it easy to reuse bottles, but also entirely eliminates the fuel-intensive transportation of full beverage bottles.

Bevi’s mission “is to turn back the hands of time (sort of) and eliminate waste from the production, shipping, and disposing of bottled beverages. We envision a future where a smarter platform (powered by the municipal water supply) transforms how beverages are delivered. It is an ambitious goal, but we are on it!”

“People love the variety, they love the fact that there are a lot of healthy options,” he says, “and then at the same time you get to be environmental.”-Sean Grundy co-founder and CEO of Bevi, a local Somerville company

Bevi Pour Something Good, Environmentally Friendly Water


Compare the differences between bottled beverages and  Bevi

Bevi Pour Something Good, Environmentally Friendly Water




All the ingredients are available onscreen, giving your office all the information they need to make informed decisions. BEVI FLAVOR OFFERINGS We are constantly searching for the best-tasting flavors out there.Bevi Pour Something Good, Environmentally Friendly WaterBevi Pour Something Good, Environmentally Friendly Water

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