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Water Logic

Drinking water you can trust for your office.




The WL250 tower and counter top hot and cold water dispenser delivers on a promise of endless refreshing chilled water for your workplace. It features multi-stage filtration and ultraviolet light sanitization to prevent potential biofilm build up and reduce bacterial growth. The business friendly design and guaranteed reliability ensure you have all the quality cold and hot water your employees and guests need.








The WL350 brings breakthrough Firewall water purification to your office in a compact model design. With high performance filtration and Firewall ultraviolet technology that purifies water to 99.9999% bacteria free, you can now provide the best in water quality.

  • Ultimate purity for your protection
  • Smart design with simple buttons and icons for ease of use
  • High capacity for exceptional water, whenever you want it
  • Thermal cut-out and UV sensors for peace of mind
  •  Tower and Counter Top options to suit every work placeWL500



The WL500 delivers exceptional sparkling water and all your chilled and hot water needs too. This self contained, fully programmable model includes multi-stage carbon filtration, ultraviolet light purification and large capacity CO2.

The WL500 will invigorate your workplace with great taste and refreshment throughout the day.

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