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Why Provide Healthy Snacks for Your Employees?

Companies that want to improve employee retention would do well to start in the kitchen.

Many employers have taken to heart the idea that the way to increase employee satisfaction is to provide food in the workplace. Free lunches, snacks in the break rooms, and ready availability of coffee all contribute to morale and have come to be considered key perks. With more than 48% of people surveyed stating that if they were considering a new job, the perks would come into play, it’s obvious that employers who provide food in the workplace have a leg up on those who don’t.

But all foods are not created equal, and the kind of food you offer your employees can make a substantial difference in their health, happiness, and productivity. Healthy employees are more productive employees, and when you provide healthy snacks, you’ll know they’re getting nutritious food on a regular basis. They’ll know it too, and they’ll understand that you care about them, and being appreciated is among the top factors in employee satisfaction.

The Kind of Food Matters

Health has a significant impact on productivity. The effect of time lost to illness is obvious, but general ill health can impair concentration, endurance, and other cognitive and physical functions while the employee remains on the job. A healthy diet decreases the risk of many chronic conditions and reduces the incidence of illness. If you want to improve health and encourage productivity in your workers, consider offering snacks like:

  • Fruits and vegetables, which can ramp up productivity and improve your employees’ moods
  • Foods made with whole grains, which reduce risks of stroke, heart disease, and type 2 diabetes
  • Almonds, which are full of protein and provide sustainable energy
  • Yogurt, which can improve hydration and overall brain functioning
  • Salads rich in dark, leafy greens, which will improve cognitive function
  • Fruit juices, which provide vitamins and hydration (of course), with less sugar and synthetic chemicals than sodas
  • Walnuts, which help stabilize mood and control appetite
  • Dark chocolate, which can improve focus and enhance concentration

It is worthwhile to offer foods that are low in refined sugar, which is associated with a whole raft of chronic conditions, including obesity and diabetes, and foods that are low in sodium, excess consumption of which causes hypertension. While many synthetic food additives and GMOs have not been conclusively proven to be bad for health, a large percentage of the public is convinced of their dangers, and many employees would appreciate foods without them.

Employer-Provided Snacks Make a Big Difference

Chances are, your employees are going to be snacking at their desks regardless of whether you provide the food. They’ll eat from boredom, to raise energy levels, or as part of a regular meal.

Employees who feel rushed to get back to their work will take advantage of what’s available, and if unhealthy foods are the only options, that’s what they’ll eat. This could lead to spikes and drops in their blood sugar, loss of attentiveness, and errors due to nervousness, right there and then, and a variety of chronic conditions over the long term.

The solution is simple: provide employees with healthy options. It’s one of the most cost-effective perks you can offer, it is literally good for your people, and what’s good for your people is good for your business.

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