One of the major concerns as the pandemic continues is having a clean office to ensure the safety of staff and visitors. With the scarcity of cleaning agents at an all-time high, how can companies protect  everyone while operating on a day-to-day basis? The solution: Buy NanoSeptic self cleaning surfaces.

buy nanoseptic products for door handlesWhat is NanoSeptic?

NanoSeptic surfaces are self cleaning surfaces designed to oxidize organic contaminants for a period of three months. It is activated by light, which energizes nanocrystals on the surface where applied. Once energized, the oxidation reaction breaks down all organic contaminants for self-cleaning action.

Where should NanoSeptic be used?

NanoSeptic should be used on all touchpoints for staff and the public. Door handles, push bars, push doors and elevator or push buttons with high traffic. For those who work on touchscreens, a clear film in a variety of sizes is available for use on smartphones, computer screens, copiers, tablets and brewers.

The beauty of NanoSeptic is that there are no poisons, heavy metals or chemicals involved. This makes it easier for work to resume as usual without fear of being contaminated. Previous protocols of washing the hands still applies; this is a second safety measure to ensure that your office will be safe and clean.

How do you know it’s safe?

NanoSeptic has been independently verified by EPA/FDA-compliant lab studies, is endorsed by the International Facility Management Association (IFMA), Building Service Contractors Association International (BSCAI) and received the ISSA Innovation Award.

At some point, things must continue. Having the right products in place makes a difference, and creates an environment where people are comfortable working and handling business. By using NanoSeptic, employees won’t have to worry about being affected by harsh chemicals, and the visibility of the product on touchpoints helps put them at ease.

Now’s the time to add that “extra” something to demonstrate that you are going above and beyond to protect your workspaces. One of the key places to use NanoSeptic is in the food and beverage industry. As a supplier for offices, the team at BostonbeaN Coffee Company understands how important it is to have sanitized spaces throughout the office.

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reasons to buy nanoseptic products

We spoke with the NanoSeptic team about the science of how NanoSeptic technology works and how NanoSeptic can help keep your space clean and safe.

Buy NanoSeptic Products: A safe and clean solution.

We take pride in being able to offer the NanoSeptic solution to our customers, doing our part to promote clean office environments to protect the safety and health of employees. If you want to buy NanoSeptic products or if you’d like more information on our products and how we can help, contact us today!

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