Is a Bean-to-Cup Machine a Great Fit for Your Office?

Is the staff at your bustling Boston office particular about their morning (or afternoon!) brew, often wasting time running out to the local café? It may be time to consider adding a bean-to-cup coffee machine to your office.

What’s a bean-to-cup coffee machine?

As the name implies, bean-to-cup coffee machines convert whole beans directly into fresh-brewed coffee. These mechanical marvels grind, press, brew, and pour coffee and specialty beverages directly from one machine.

Benefits of bean-to-cup coffee

Coffee aficionados rave about the aroma and flavor, with a delivery reminiscent of the local café. Because you start right from whole beans packed with flavorful oils, the coffee that comes out is fresh, smooth, and smells like heaven.

person drinking bean to cup coffee at work

Vastly versatile

Many coffee fanatics prefer coffee made directly from whole beans. As shown in this Virtu Bean to Cup Machine, the coffee retains the flavor of the whole beans, and the aroma is unmatched. This marvel of modern technology features a touch screen that allows employees to select café-quality coffee, espresso, or hot chocolate at the size and strength of their choosing. You can stock two kinds of whole beans, one ground, and three specialty products to allow employees to create an endless mix of coffee beverages.

Simple one-step goodness with innovative technology

Bean-to-cup coffee machines feature state-of-the-art technology inside their sleek exteriors, such as the Encore 29 Bean to Cup coffee brewer, to select one of several coffee roasts, sizes, strengths, and customized beverages, all at the touch of a button. Now that button can be touchless, allowing employees to order from their phones without touching the machine. Selected staff can monitor the machine remotely to check bean and powder hopper levels, check usage, run cleaning cycles, and even customize screen videos from a web-based application from any device.

coffee beans for bean to cup coffee machine

Environmentally friendly cost-saver

For offices of 50 or more, bean-to-cup machines prove to deliver a positive ROI over time, as employers can eliminate costs associated with pods and paper filters while investing in whole bean coffee. The elimination of those items also makes the bean-to-cup machines more environmentally friendly.

Ready to get your team a bean-to-cup machine?

If you think a bean-to-cup machine is a good fit for your Boston office and your employees, please discuss this type of brewer with the consultants at BostonbeaN to make sure it works in your space.

Coffee Has Some Surprising Health Benefits You May Not Know About

It’s no surprise we love coffee. The aroma. The flavor. The camaraderie of the coffee break in the office. The visceral boost from the afternoon pick-me-up. Our love of the many iterations of the millennia-old coffee bean transcends time and global cultures.

Oftentimes, things that taste good turn out to be bad for us. Call it Murphy’s Law. But the mighty coffee bean has broken that pattern. It took science a while to evaluate its impact thoroughly, but the results are now clear. Coffee delivers incremental health benefits, no matter its form. From cold brews on a hot July afternoon to an intense espresso on a frigid winter commute, your coffee is doing you good.

health benefits of coffee

It’s an anti-aging serum, sort of

One of coffee’s secret superpowers is that it’s filled with antioxidants, which scientists believe protect cells from aging. Yeah, just like blueberries, apricots and broccoli. According to WebMD, coffee also:

  • reduces the risk of Parkinson’s disease by 80%
  • reduces the risk of cirrhosis of the liver by 80%
  • cuts the risk of gallstones by 50%
  • cuts the risk of colon cancer by 25%

health benefits of coffee

A cup (or two) a day …

Everything in moderation. While coffee offers a whole bevy of health benefits, most physicians recommend keeping your daily intake at 3 cups or less. Your best strategy is to plan your favorite moments and savor each cup. Most coffee drinkers live for that morning cup, either at home or on the way to work. The office is a perfect place for cup number two (and three), as it’s a critical element for the ubiquitous coffee break and, of course, the afternoon pick-me-up.

We love coffee as much as you do. Our goal is to continue to listen to customers like you and stay abreast of coffee trends so that we can bring you the best in service and selection. From cold brew pods to luxury espresso machines, BostonbeaN offers coffee equipment, pods, beans, and grounds to keep your whole team happy and healthy.

Here’s How to Create the Ultimate Coffee Bar at the Office

Designing a coffee bar for your office doesn’t have to be an overwhelming task! You only need to focus on a few key aspects to bring a lively coffee shop vibe to a corner of your workspace, encouraging productivity and improving morale.

At BostonbeaN Coffee Company, we want to make sure you fulfill your aesthetic goal and pull off functionality and practicality. Follow along to learn how to build a coffee bar in your office.

coffee bar

Choose the Perfect Area

Choose an easy-to-access location that employees can use during short breaks. For instance, a low-key corner of the office or an unused, small room may work best.

However, a few areas do not work well. Avoid areas too close to your main office floor to avoid work interruptions and distractions. Likewise, a coffee bar next to outdoor entry points or bathrooms can create an unappealing vibe.

Create a Comfortable Space

Imagine your employees’ favorite coffee shops in the area. They probably have one important thing in common: an atmosphere evoking emotional connections. A cozy environment may create an instant appeal that employees flock to.

In a larger space, you can implement comfortable seating or encourage standing room. However, in a smaller area, you truly need to take advantage of wall space. Consider wall racks for hanging cups and adequate cabinetry for storage. While organization always makes a space appear more inviting, it doesn’t mean boring! Feel free to use colorful, quirky mugs and eclectic storage ideas for a unique feel.

Stock Beverages and Snacks

Naturally, if you create a coffee nook, you will want to supply coffees and teas. Also consider any extras your staff may enjoy. For instance, they may love:

  • Coffee and Tea Condiments: Some individuals like coffee with cream, milk, milk substitutes, sugar, flavored syrups, and toppings such as cinnamon, nutmeg, or chocolate. If they prefer tea, they may enjoy honey and fresh lemons!
  • Snacks: Stock your cabinets with cereal bars, trail mixes, chips, crackers, jerky, cookies, fresh fruits, yogurts, cheese sticks, fresh breads, and bagels.

Choose State-of-the-Art Equipment

Do your employees enjoy traditional coffees and teas? Surprise them with an advanced coffee machine. At BostonbeaN, we supply:

Your employees can order conveniently from their personal devices, for a germ-free ordering process that won’t leave behind fingerprints, viruses, or sticky residue that can occur on a shared keypad.

What if they desire a cool, refreshing drink of water? An eco-friendly, bottleless water cooler is the perfect option for your beverage bar. They can even benefit from the same contactless option as our touchless coffee machines.

Maybe they love specialty beverages such as cold brews, cold teas, and kombuchas? Choose a kegerator for smooth, delicious cold-brews and teas.

Stock Your Coffee Bar in Boston, Massachusetts

At BostonbeaN Coffee Company, we provide the essentials you need to create the perfect coffee bar, snack bar, or break room. Contact us today to learn more about how we can serve your office’s needs.

Here are the Top Reasons Your Office Needs a Cold-Brew Machine

Do you see your employees migrate to the coffee area during an afternoon slump? Do they flock to the many Boston artisanal coffee shops for a refreshing beverage during breaks? Consider adding a cold brew machine to perk up your staff and keep them in the office during the workday. While tea and hot coffee are classic staples, your team may also enjoy the increasingly popular coffee trend known as cold brew.

What Is Cold Brew?

Cold brew is a smooth, lightly sweet-tasting coffee made from steeping ground coffee in cold water for a long period of time. Unlike iced coffee, this full-bodied, low-acidity beverage is easy on the taste buds and the stomach, yet supplies more caffeine! You can even serve it with ice, milk, cream, sugar, or flavoring for a taste of luxury.

why your office needs cold brew

Why Add a Cold Brew Machine to Your Office?

Imagine a sleek kegerator in your coffee nook, a readily available option for your team to enjoy whenever they prefer. Simply by adding a cold brew machine, you can:

  • Strengthen Your Company Culture
    Show your staff that you value them as individuals and appreciate the hard work they do for your business. Equipping your office with a cold brew machine shows employees you care about their tastes and comfort.
  • Attract New Talent
    Turn a cold brew machine into an alluring selling point for potential hires. It not only shows candidates you provide breaks and fuel for your staff, it projects a modern image of your company.
  • Appeal to Clients
    Feed your potential and existing clients with a vision of your business and values without having to put it into literal words. A cold brew machine shows clients you go the extra mile to boost productivity and increase satisfaction.
  • Save Time and Money
    When you add up all the time employees spend traveling to get their caffeine fixes, it’s shocking how much productivity you lose. Bring their preferred beverages into the office to turn that loss into gain.
  • Enjoy Cold Brew in the Office
    At BostonbeaN, we understand that your employees want to enjoy cold-brew beverages quickly and easily. Our kegerator stores and cools five gallons of fresh cold brew, supplied on tap. If they also enjoy nitro cold brew, tea or kombucha, enjoy the benefits of multiple beverage storage and taps.

why your office needs cold brew

Our experienced team will set up the kegerator next to a standard electrical outlet on your floor space or countertop. We take care of all the finer details, such as delivering the nitrogen and the freshly brewed cold brew. We appreciate national and local coffee roasters, supplying you with only the finest, richest cold-brew blends and teas.

Find out how BostonbeaN Coffee Company can bring your workspace to life with a cold brew kegerator. Contact us to learn more about how we can support your team today.

What Does Your Coffee Mug Say About You? Here Is Some Fun Coffee-Mug Trivia

Which came first? The coffee or the mug?

Beverage containers preceded coffee by thousands of years. These early BC bad boys were made of wood and animal bones before the advent of metal.

Modern Mugs

The modern coffee mug graced our kitchen cabinets after WW II. That’s when Victor Insulator expanded its product line by making coffee mugs to military specs, using the porcelain insulator material. These mugs were thick, could handle the occasional drop, and stayed put on a moving ship.

Soon, coffee mugs expanded to diners all over the United States, branded with each diner’s custom logo. A few years later, a coffee trade group dropped the term “coffee break” on us, and the rest is history.

Choosing Your Perfect Cup

Your coffee mug is a personal choice. It’s a vital part of your morning. Some people select their mug based on what works in their coffee ecosystem. For instance, single-brew pod users will choose the mug that best fits the designated drip; they will give up otherwise perfect mugs for the one that ekes out the perfect pod experience.

Others choose their coffee mug based on its material. Some love how insulated metal cups keep the coffee warm for extended periods (the sippers and the forgetful ones), while others prefer the feel of a ceramic cup.

Size is also a personal choice. A smaller cup size might mean an extra break to get a fresh cup. An oversized mug means no interruptions to marathon work sessions and getting all your caffeine in one fell swoop. Other people simply get comfortable with a certain amount of coffee per sitting.

And let’s not even start with sugar, milk, and where your caramel is on the color chart.

Why We’re So Attached to Our Coffee Mugs

Surveys have revealed that 60 percent of people are emotionally attached to their favorite mug. Psychologists say this is for three main reasons:

  1. The endowment effect: People feel a strong emotional pull to their coffee cups because they own them.
  2. They can be associated with happy memories, like vacation souvenirs or as gifts from special people.
  3. It’s a mood booster when it features a person’s favorite movie character, team, funny quote, or cute personalized photo.

coffee-mug trivia

What Your Coffee Mug Says About You

  • Travel mugs: You’re always on the go, spontaneous, flexible. Branded double-walled YETI mugs can be considered a flex.
  • Camping mugs: Dependable introvert who spends free time at a National Park. Annoyed by people.
  • Plain mugs: All business. Organized. Private. Likes things just so.
  • Mugs with sayings: Lover of Dad Jokes.
  • Randomizer: Loves to switch things up. Might indicate ADHD.
  • Novelty mugs: The office creative.

No matter which type of mug you use, your coffee will taste best when it comes from BostonbeaN. Whether you drink cold brew or prefer a one-touch fresh cup pod brewer, BostonbeaN can deliver — literally!

Have Questions About Coffee Service for Your Office? Your BostonbeaN Team Has the Answers

For over 50 years, BostonbeaN has been committed to continually meeting the needs of offices in the Boston area. We understand that as a business owner, you may have questions about the products and services we can supply for your office. Our team is ready to guide you every step of the way, starting with answers to some of our most frequently asked questions below.

Q: Where do I begin?

A: Contact us through our website form, call (781) 935-3100 ext. 1, or email We can set up a no-obligation consultation to discuss your office’s needs.

Q: Will you set up samples or a tasting session before I commit?

A: We can provide samples and demos depending on the type of equipment you are interested in. Some of our equipment needs to be connected to a water line, so special arrangements would be required.  We also have a showroom in Woburn, Massachusetts, where we can demonstrate many brewers and water filtration systems.

Q: How long will it take before our first order arrives?

A: Initial installations of equipment are based on several factors, and that may vary. However, once equipment has been installed, most orders can be delivered the following day for orders placed by 1 p.m. on the previous day.

Q: What types of products do you provide?

A: We have an extensive variety of equipment and products at BostonbeaN.  We provide equipment for fresh brew coffee, Nespresso, cold brew and water filtration systems that include the Bevi & ION.  Beyond the equipment, we also provide coffee and tea, Nespresso capsules, cold-coffee brew kegs, breakroom supplies, snacks, bottled and canned beverages, and many other categories.  BostonbeaN can be your one-stop shop for all of your break room needs! Please visit our website for all available services.

Q: How am I billed?

A: Invoices are sent via email within 24 hours after the delivery. We have 30-day net payment terms.

Q: How often do you visit or make deliveries?

A: The frequency of our visits and deliveries is based on several factors, which include the number of employees in the office on a daily basis, the type of equipment that we have provided, the number of product categories that we are supplying, and the volume of products being used.  We have accounts that only require us to be there once per month, and others that require us to be there multiple times per week. We cater our services to your needs.

Q: Do you service the machines?

A: Yes, we do, and the best part is that the installation and service on any of our equipment is provided at no additional cost.

Q: Can I change or update an order?

A: Yes, however, any order changes must be done by 1 p.m. the day prior to the scheduled delivery.  Simply contact customer service by calling (781) 935-3100 ext. 1 or emailing us at

Q: How will I know about new products?

A: New products will be communicated through the account manager as well as through our website, newsletter, and social media posts on our Facebook and LinkedIn pages. We have partnerships with many local coffee roasters, manufacturers, and suppliers. We are always trying to bring in the newest and most popular coffee, tea, beverages, and snacks. We have a dynamic snack offering with a wide variety of unique items that are gluten-free, vegan, non-GMO, all natural and soy-free.

Q: Do I need to call you to restock?

A: We have several options for the management of reorders. We can provide you with online ordering options, or you can contact our customer service department when you are running low on anything. We will make it easy for you! We also provide full-service management of inventory for certain accounts. We provide delivery, stocking, and rotating of all your break room items at no additional cost.

Q: Is there anything you need to know about my company?

A: We have many options for equipment and products, so it is always helpful to discuss the needs of each client to determine the best fit. We like to learn about the number of employees in the office on a daily basis and understand the culture of the office, as well as likes and dislikes, so that we can offer suggestions for meeting the requirements and expectations of each client we serve.

Ready to get started with a no-obligation consultation? Contact us via our website, by calling the main office at (781) 935-3100 ext. 1, or emailing us at

How to Make Great-Tasting Coffee — Every Time

Few things are worse than taking that first sip of coffee expecting Java jubilation only to find that it falls flat. Perhaps you didn’t use the right ratio of water to coffee or used old beans from the back of the cupboard. Here are some of the things that can make your morning cup of Joe bitter, unpleasant and bleh! (And ways to prevent this horror from happening in your break room or kitchen!)tel:18004482739great tasting coffee with laptop on wooden desk

  • Microwaving. Say it with me, “Stop microwaving your coffee.” Did you know that coffee starts to lose its flavor the minute it’s picked? Instead, brew as you go. Getting your office coffee from BostonbeaN ensures your employees have a fresh, great-tasting cup of coffee every time. From cold brew to touchless options, you can supply your employees with the perfect blend. And getting a fresh cup always trumps a microwave warm up!
  • Using old or improperly stored grounds or beans. Properly stored coffee can stay fresh in your cupboard for months. Store coffee in canisters that allow the beans to de-gas. Roasting coffee beans produces carbon dioxide, which can leave your brew bitter if you store your beans improperly.
  • Using poor-quality water at the wrong temperature. Using water that’s too hot causes over-extraction and an overpowering taste. Using water that’s too cold causes under-extraction and coffee that has no taste. So, what’s the perfect temperature for coffee brewing? We recommend a temperature of 205 F. Additionally, it’s important to only use water that you would drink directly from the source. BostonbeaN offers TopWater to bring fresh, filtered water to your office and coffee break, along with other water systems including the Bevi and the Ion Bottleless Water Cooler.cup of great tasting coffee
  • Not using top-notch brewers. Sometimes, you can use inexpensive equipment to produce a great cup of coffee. That’s certainly true with making espresso using traditional methods. However, it’s difficult to get the consistency and accuracy promised with a quality machine. If you find a workaround, that’s great. However, in the office, where time is money, it may be time to invest in a quality machine that provides your employees with great coffee to fuel them through the day.
  • Try a different level of roast— From light to dark roast, at BostonbeaN, we provide a range of roast types so that your employees can choose the one that pleases their palates the best.

Looking Ahead to 2022: Here’s What’s Brewing in the Coffee and Tea Industry

While the legends surrounding the discovery of coffee differ, many believe that a herder named Kaldi was the first to understand the power of the beloved bean. He noticed that after eating from a coffee plant, his goats were so energetic that they struggled to sleep at night.

From shots of espresso to pumpkin spice lattes to piping hot chai, the way we consume coffee and tea has evolved over time. Much has changed in the past few years, but coffee is here to stay. In 2021, 60% of people reported drinking coffee in the past day. Here, we’ll take a look at the trends coffee and tea lovers can expect to see as we move into 2022.

2022 Coffee and Tea IndustrySustainability Is King

More consumers are paying attention to how their purchasing decisions affect the environment. In the new year, coffee and tea lovers can expect to see businesses focusing on providing sustainable coffee and tea options. Coffee and tea shops, as well as our team here at BostonbeaN, are working to provide their customers with information about the ethical sourcing of their favorite cup of java (or tea).

Tea Cocktails Offer a New Option for Teetotalers

Bars and cafes around the world are beginning to recognize the fact that many people don’t drink alcohol — but still want to enjoy nightlife. Tea cocktails provide health benefits, hydration, and a delicious option to those who want to enjoy the environment of a bar sans alcohol.

Ready-To-Drink Bottle Sales Will Soar2022 Coffee and Tea Industry

Convenience is key, and bottled coffees are likely to be a customer favorite in the new year. Bottled coffees and teas allow your employees to enjoy their favorite drinks while on their break or sitting at their desks. Since it’s expected that the ready-to-drink trend will rise in 2022, make sure your BostonbeaN order includes ready-to-drink cold brew (in kegs and cans!) as well as some of our other types of bottled and canned beverages from all of the top brands.

No Matter What 2022 Brings, BostonbeaN Has You Covered

At BostonbeaN Coffee Company, we help offices in the Boston, MA area have the coffee experience that they crave, whether that means working with us to create a custom breakroom program or simply providing you with your daily coffee or tea fix. Contact us to learn more!

BostonbeaN Keeps Up With the Cold-Brew Craze

How did cold-brew coffee become so popular? It all began in the 1600s. First, Dutch sailors began using the brewing process, inspired by the Japanese method of cold-brewing teas. Then, Cuba revisited the cold brew with iced coffee in the ’30s. The Toddy Brewing System hit the market in the ’60s.

Fast-forward to the 2000s and cold brew was championed by innovative coffee shops because the smooth, cold-brew flavor blended beautifully with milk, ice, syrups, and flavorings.

cold-brew crazeCold Brew Vs. Iced Coffee

The difference between cold brew and iced coffee is that the latter is made through a hot brewing process, completed at double strength, and then poured over ice. But when hot coffee cools, the acids can be harsh, while cold brewing avoids the acid development. Furthermore, hot brewed coffees usually have a brewing ratio of 1 part coffee to 16 parts water, while cold brew’s ratio is 1 to 8.

Cold brew coffee requires coffee beans and water along with knowledge and time. The beans — usually coarsely ground — are steeped in cold water in an extraction process that takes from 12 to 24 hours. Customizable as a concentrate, cold-brewed coffee uses time in place of temperature, with caffeine increased by the coffee-to-water ratio or brewing duration. This slow, cold brew imparts a less acidic, more smooth and mellow taste.

Cold-Brew Benefits

According to research by Harvard University, fans of cold-brew coffee enjoy a refreshing caffeinated cold beverage that equals hot coffee’s health and energy benefits. It offers more subtle flavor notes while having 65 percent less acidity. It also provides customization, convenience, and a mellow and nuanced taste.

Like all coffee beverages, cold brew imparts health benefits, increasing blood flow to the brain, supporting cognitive function, decreasing the risk of dementia, and packing free-radical and cancer-fighting chemicals.

Cold-Brew in Your Officecold-brew craze

Now, your business can enjoy cold-brewed coffee featuring top names like Kegerator, Bunn Nitron, and Cornelius Nitropro. Other advantages:

  • We manage and deliver cold brew fresh and cold.
  • We offer Kegerator, nitrogen, and multi-tap kegerators, including nitro and kombucha selections.
  • We source coffee from respected and local roasters.
  • We can arrange for an office tasting.

Discover how BostonbeaN can help you customize a cold-brew option. Contact us to learn more. We can also maintain the optimum environment for your work team. BostoncleaN can meet all your cleaning, sanitizing, and PPE supply needs. From fine, cold-brewed coffee to delivering snacks and breakroom goods, we help you support your team.

Celebrate National Coffee Day by Spicing up Your Caffeine Routine

Although at BostonBeaN we believe every day is coffee day, the official National Coffee Day is Sept. 29. As a routine part of many people’s mornings, we salute our favorite energizing berry in its glorious liquid form.

The commonly known origin story of coffee begins in Ethiopia with a goat herder named Kaldi. He observed goats eating berries that made them energetic and kept them from sleeping at night. Fast forward to today, and coffee is a global favorite.

National Coffee Day was first celebrated in Japan in 1893. It initially aimed to promote fair trade and bring awareness to the needs of coffee farmers. What better way to celebrate the rich history of coffee than trying something new?

national coffee dayStep Up Your Coffee Game and Try Something New

Everyone has their own preferences when it comes to a superb cup of coffee. However, coffee enthusiasts and experts agree that there are four essential components to the perfect cup: acidity, aroma, body and flavor. That is all they can agree on, though, as everyone has different taste interests.

Switch It Up Before You Brew

Your new favorite flavor combination can begin before you even add water. Elevate the entire pot by mixing different dry ingredients and thoroughly incorporating them into your coffee grounds. Some great and possibly lesser-known ingredients include:

  • Unsweetened cocoa powder
  • Spices
  • Extracts
  • Salt

These additions can influence the depth, warmth, tone and texture of your coffee, and all before you personalize your cup!

Make a Truly Unique Cup of Coffeenational coffee day

There are a variety of ways to add more dimension to an existing cup of coffee. The most obvious way might be to add cream and sugar, but the possibilities of what you can add are limitless. You can change things up by trying different types of sugar or experimenting with different flavors or types of creamers. You can even add flavored syrup or ice cream for a sweet drink! If you are more adventurous, you can opt for coffee additions popular in niche groups and international crowds. For example, give egg or butter a try in your coffee this National Coffee Day!


Spice up your office coffee experience for your employees with options like touchless coffee machines, cold brew and Nespresso machines, as well as prepackaged snacks and grab-and-go food. At BostonBeaN, we can help you spice up your coffee routine. Call us today at (781) 935-3100 or send an email to