Introducing Antimicrobial Copper Film!

antimicrobial copper film

BostoncleaN, BostonbeaN’s office sanitation division, is now supplying antimicrobial copper film. They have partnered with the industry leader of antimicrobial copper-based peel and stick films. You can attach these films to flat, non-porous surfaces to help protect your building from COVID-19 and other viruses.

Would you like to learn more about putting copper films in your office or facility? Though we are located in the Boston area, we also ship throughout the United States. Click here or call 1 (800) 448-2739 to contact us today!

Now, we will discuss how antimicrobial copper film works, where to use it, and why it is a strong option for keeping your Boston area facility clean and safe.

How Does it Work?

The copper surface goes into action when bacteria and viruses land on it after it is touched. Here is the science behind the four steps that take place:

  1. Bacteria lands on the film’s surface
  2. A copper ion attacks the bacteria’s surface
  3. The copper ion penetrates into the surface of a cell and protein
  4. DNA/RNA are dismantled as metabolic actions stop

Helpful Facts About Antimicrobial Copper Film

How Long Does it Take for Copper Film to Work?

Studies have taught us that within 30 minutes of touching the film, 99.4% of the virus and other bacteria are no longer on surfaces wrapped and treated with CU + copper film. 99.9% of the virus and other bacteria are eliminated within four hours of touching the film.

Where Can You Use Copper Film? copper film for medical cart

Peel and stick copper films can protect surfaces for up to six months. It is available in many sizes and can even be cut to order if you would like to apply it to larger surfaces such as:

  • Countertops
  • Desks
  • Stainless hospital treatment tables
  • Food service preparation areas
  • Restaurant tables

Copper film is also a good solution for smaller areas such as:

  • Handicap door openers
  • Elevator buttons
  • Door handles
  • Medical computer carts

Installation and Maintenance

antimicrobial film for handicap buttonOur team at BostoncleaN makes installing and maintaining your copper films simple and stress-free. We will visit your facility and work with you to assess your needs and to provide you with an onsite tutorial on how to best apply the CU + film. Our priority is to make sure that our clients get as much use as possible out of their CU + applications. We recommend that you replace antimicrobial copper film every six months to avoid residue build up, but the effectiveness of CU + never expires and remains in perfect condition.

Install Copper Film in Your Facility

Antimicrobial copper film kills viruses that harm the human body and they are easy to maintain. BostoncleaN is committed to “delivering the cleaning supplies that protect your workplace.” We are available to install copper films in any Boston area facility and we are also shipping copper films throughout the United States. Click here or call 1 (800) 448-2739 to get more information!

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