TopBrewer – The Safe, Touchless Option for Great Coffee in the Office

Wouldn’t it be great if your company hired a full-time barista who made coffee to order without ever touching the cup? The makers of the Top Brewer touchless machine have heard your secret wishes and made them come true.

This automatic, touchless and safe coffee machine responds to voice commands. Employees can order their favorite beverage. For example, “Hey Siri, make my black coffee strong.” Each employee can enjoy barista-style coffee with touching buttons or a shared screen!

touchless and safe coffee machine


Since 99% of the TopBrewer lies under the counter, the machine reduces contact with shared surfaces. Its streamlined design combines the preparation and delivery of cold and hot beverages into one thin nozzle. To make this possible, the manufacturers, who also created the first automatic cappuccino machine, first had to develop the following features:

• World’s smallest milk foamer
• Built-in automatic cleaning
• Touch-free app that allows users to tailor their coffee

The spout is made of 75% recycled steel, and the power-saving standby mode consumes just 6 watts of energy.

Feature-Rich App

The accompanying app lets you receive a welcome notice as you approach the TopBrewer machine. You also get a notification when your espresso or other beverage is ready. The app is compatible with the following devices:

• Smartphone
• Tablet
• Smartwatch

How Does This Touchless and Safe Coffee Machine Work?

1. Select your beverage, such as a cold water, espresso, macchiato or specialty drink.
2. Customize the strength of the coffee, size of the beverage and number of cups.
3. Wait for your notification that the drink is ready.
4. Enjoy!

You can even “favorite” your go-to pick me up.

Topbrewer, a touchless and safe coffee option

Coffee Cloud Management

You can also receive alerts on the status of the machine from the Coffee Cloud app. Coffee Cloud sends alerts to the support team so they can remotely resolve many issues without coming on site.

Only the Best Beans

TopBrewer uses only the best Cophea Arabica beans. This is the bean responsible for 70% of the world’s coffee and just 37% is reserved for specialty coffee. What we buy represents the top 1% of the specialty beans. That’s how you get consistently great coffee with every brew.

Find out more about the benefits of installing TopBrewer machines in your workplace for touchless and safe coffee.