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At BostonbeaN Coffee Company, we put our customers first and strive to improve their workplaces by providing excellent office coffee, beverage, breakroom supply, food and snack services.

We often receive questions from Boston, MA area organizations that want to know more about us and about how our office coffee, beverage, food and breakroom services work. Check out our frequently asked questions below for information about questions that we often received and our answers.

If you have questions beyond this page, or if you are interested in getting started with our services, do not hesitate to click here or call 800-448-2739 to get in touch with a member of our team.


We bring happiness to your employee breakroom! We provide an array of equipment ranging from bean-to-cup coffee brewers, Nespresso, cold brew coffee kegerators, and water filtration systems (including Bevi)! We also supply coffee, tea, cold brew coffee kegs, snacks, breakroom supplies, eco-friendly products, bottled & canned beverages, and more!

We are a family-owned small business that has been servicing the workplace in the Boston area since the 1970’s.  Today we have over 3000 clients and over 8000 machines in the field.  Our service area includes all points North of Plymouth, East of Worcester and South of Concord NH. View a complete list of our service areas.  We are located at 23 Draper Street, Woburn, MA 01801.

We are dependable and care about our customers! BostonbeaN can tailor a coffee and breakroom program that is ideal for our clients’ working environments by carefully listening to their needs and offering solutions that will attract and retain their employees. But developing the program is just the start. Customers receive the greatest office coffee and breakroom experience because of our strong commitment to offering the highest level of service to our clients and keeping our promises. Read the reviews we’ve received from clients.

Our dedicated and friendly route managers provide delivery, stocking, and rotating of all your break room items.  We maintain inventories, replenish products as needed, and make everything look organized which saves you time and money!  Our service also includes the installation, maintenance, and repairs on any of our equipment.

Coffee and Beverages

Choosing the right coffee brewer and water filtration equipment for your breakroom is the key.  Our consultants can provide options that are the best fit for your office.  This will depend on your office’s size and preferences. Then, you will need essentials such as cups, stirrers, creamer, and sweeteners.  Check out our blog on creating the ultimate office coffee bar for more tips!

Having office coffee available is expected in the modern workplace. Coffee helps employees stay energized, focused, and motivated as they go about their workdays. Don’t make your employees drive to a coffee shop and wait in line for expensive coffee drinks.  Provide them with the best coffee experience inside the office to show them you really care!

We recommend providing employees with coffee, tea, cold brew coffee & tea, water, drink mixes and canned & bottled beverages.

We offer a variety of high-quality water systems. These include TopWater, The Bevi, and the Ion Bottleless Water Cooler.


A good employee breakroom should include high quality coffee, tea, cold beverages and water, food and snacks, along with whichever breakroom supplies are needed!

Staying updated on the latest trends can help you to understand what employees are looking for in their office pantries. Providing the most popular office food & snacks will instantly upgrade your pantry and help ensure that your employees are happy.

Our team helps larger organizations stock their office pantries and kitchens through our pantry services. Our Pantry Services program offers a lot of advantages. Everything is provided, including a snack shelf, glass-front coolers, lovely sliding baskets, and more. Your consumption habits and unique demands will be considered by our committed delivery service staff while providing service. Your account representative will collaborate with you to stick to your agreed budget, offer reports and consumption data, and keep you informed of the most recent health food trends.