Bring Cold Brew to Your Boston, MA Area Office

Bring excitement to your workplace by adding office Cold Brew to your breakroom. Though employees continue to drink traditional coffee and tea options, they also highly appreciate cold brew, which has become more popular over the past few years. Whether you choose Kegerator, POUR’D, Cornelius Nitropro, or Bunn Nitron, you will be delivering quality and delicious cold brew to your office.

Introducing Ready to Drink Wandering Bear Cold Brew
wandering bear ready to drink cold brew

We are happy to share that we now offer Wandering Bear Cold Brew coffee options. This cold brew has only the necessary ingredients and does not contain dairy or sugar! There are six different ready-to-drink flavors of extra strong and smooth cold brew. These 96 oz extra strong cold brew options include:

  • Straight Black
  • Vanilla
  • Mocha
  • Hazelnut
  • Caramel
  • Decaf

These cafe-quality cold brew options can help you dive into the cold brew craze and experience a Certified USDA Organic cold brew coffee option without sacrificing any flavor! Wandering Bear strives to deliver an extra strong, extra smooth cup with every pour.

Sail Away Nitro CounterTap

  • CounterTap Nitro Cold Brew – No kegs, tanks, or water line needed! Standard electric requirements.
  • 100% organic ready-to-drink “Nitro” cold brew coffee.
  • 100% all-natural tea. Organic, low calorie, pure cane sugar, low grams of sugar per serving.
  • Fresh & consistent product with a 6-month shelf life.

POUR’D by Marcomarco pour'd

Pushing a button allows this machine to produce Cold Brew Coffee, Iced Lattes and Iced Mochas.

Cold Brew Coffee, Iced Mochas, and Lattes are all delivered by POUR’D by Marco through one system. A three-button gooseneck that can dispense any size cup of cold brewed coffee and a shot of cold brewed concentrate is included with this stylish maker. The components of this machine are housed behind the counter, and it features an appealing countertop design that makes installation simple. BostonbeaN has proudly partnered with quality roasters who brew the coffee concentrate that is used in this unique system. Contact us today to get yours!


  • Kegerator and nitrogen provided and maintained by BostonbeaN Coffee Company.
  • Multi-tap kegerators available (up to four) including nitro and kombucha options.
  • Kegs delivered and managed by BostonbeaN Coffee Company
  • Always delivered cold and fresh
  • Well respected local and national roasters – barismo, George Howell, Atomic, Coffee by Design, NOBL, AquaVitea Kombucha, N’Ice Tea.
  • Additional refrigeration for keg storage available.
  • Contact us to ask about a tasting in your office.

Cornelius Nitropro

cornelius nitropro office cold brew

  • Cold brew and nitro on draft
  • A convenient and practical equipment solution
  • You will never run out of nitrogen and you will not have the hassle of changing kegs
  • It is easier to change out than removing a bottle cap
  • Creamy nitro and smooth fruity cold brew from one system that sits right on your countertop
  • Get in touch to learn more

Learn More About Bringing Cold Brew Coffee to Your Boston Area Office

BostonbeaN can customize a Cold Brew program that will keep your employees energized and motivated.

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Boston Office Cold Brew Frequently Asked Questions

Iced Coffee is made with hot coffee brewed at double strength and poured over ice.  Cold Brew Coffee is brewed by steeping ground coffee in cold water for 12-24 hours.  It is less acidic, slightly sweet, smooth, full bodied, and has 2-3x the caffeine as iced coffee.

We provide a kegerator that simply requires a standard electrical outlet and limited floor space.

Each keg contains 5 gallons of ready-to-drink fresh cold brew.

We also have nitro cold brew, tea, and kombucha kegs.

We have a system that sits right on your countertop if floor space is limited for a kegerator.