Several Different Nespresso Options Available, Depending On Your Needs

BLENDING AND ROASTING coffee is an art. Our experts perfectly match and roast various green coffee beans to create the perfect taste as only Nespresso can.

Nespresso state-of-the-art machines use high PRESSURE to brew our coffee, ensuring the best possible taste and aroma.

The INTENSITY level of each coffee is not influenced by the amount of caffeine. It is driven by level of roasting–resulting in light, medium or dark blends.

Now Offering Touchless Brewing Options

Nespresso Momento 100nespresso momento 100

With Nespresso Momento 100, you can order Ristrettos, Espressos, Lungos, Americanos, or hot water using an easy touchscreen button. It has capsule recognition which enables recipe recommendations. This machine has a heated cup storage area, and alerts go off when maintenance is needed. It is also eco-friendly, offering energy-saving modes. With Nespresso Momento 100, you’ll get the perfect beverage, cup after cup.

Nespresso Momento 120

Also available in touchless coffee brewing form, Nespresso Momento 120 creates exceptional coffee drinks, including 12 different specialty coffees with fresh milk. This machine recognizes capsules when they are inserted and recommends the best way to brew. It has customizable settingnespresso momento 120s for the desired temperature and coffee size as well and has a refrigerated milk container to keep milk fresher for longer. After a drink is brewed, it automatically ejects the used capsule and provides a heated cup storage area. This easy to use machine is available in touchless or touchscreen form. Both versions will help prevent the spread of germs in workplaces. The touchless verion allows employees to completely avoid touching the machine, while the touchscreen version has a Lock Screen message that prompts the user to clean the screen before use. In addition, users can scan a QR code on the machine to order their coffee. Nespresso Momento 120 is designed sustainably, and has various energy-saving modes to ensure the precise consumption of water, coffee, and energy. This cleanly machine rinses automatically throughout the day. A safer way to enjoy an extraordinary cup of coffee, Nespresso Momento 120 will give you a coffee house experience.

momento 200Nespresso Momento 200

This machine has an easy-to-use digital display, which allows for one-touch brewing. It also has the ability to recommend recipes, and can be programmed to make the desired amount of a given beverage at the desired temperature. Nespresso Momento 200 offers Ristretto, Espresso, Lungo, Americano, and hot water. It contains two brew heads, which work simultaneously to make the perfect beverage. To make maintenance simple, there are guidance and alert indicators to let the user know when machine maintenance is needed. The Nespresso Momento 200 is a sleek, energy efficient machine that produces top quality beverages.

Nespresso Zeniusnespresso zenius

The Nespresso Zenius has 13 espresso varieties to choose from and it offers both coffee and hot water. Its buttons can be programmed to dispense the desired amount of coffee or water and it is easy to insert and eject capsules into and from the machine. The Nespresso Zenius efficiently dispenses 8.5 oz of hot water per minute at 198 degrees F and heats up in 35 seconds. The Nespresso Zenius will consistently deliver delicious and high quality coffee.

Nespresso Gemini

nespresso geminiNespresso Gemini has Cappuccino and Latte Macchiato functions. There are 13 espresso varieties to choose from and milk is frothed or heated in 20 seconds at the touch of a button. This cleanly machine has disposable milk straws and nozzles and its insulated container stores fresh, cold milk for up to 8 hours. There are three programmable cup sizes: Ristretto, Espresso, and Lungo. This high quality machine will deliver the distinction of a coffee shop to your workplace.

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