The Top Brewer

Scanomat was founded and started from a simple garage.
The company matured as the years passed, and so did the ideas. In 1981 Kim Vibe Petersen, CEO of Scanomat, designed the world’s first fully automatic cappuccino machine. Since then, Scanomat has been known for its innovative, high quality solutions. Today, its flagship product – the TopBrewer – is changing the coffee experience and is taking us upon a journey around the world.

The TopBrewer has been uniquely designed to be smartphone, smart watch and tablet compatible.

As you walk by the TopBrewer, it will welcome you with a notification, and make your favorite drink available with a single swipe!

Internet of Coffee is here
CoffeeCloud is the world’s first real and most advanced cloud management system for coffee machines – with state-of-the-art realtime data for your organization. Available as an App for all platforms, CoffeeCloud gives you access to key data metrics and diagnostics at a glimpse on the dashboard, allowing you to work smarter and faster throughout the organization. CoffeeCloud has multiple userlevels, allowing for versatile management. With cross-device compatibility you can access CoffeeCloud on smartphone, tablet or PC, for real time insights at your fingertips. Simple tasks like refilling the machine, are now simplified to a notification directly on the person’s smart device. CoffeeCloud will change how you run your business, and it will change the entire landscape of coffee machine operation.

Coffee machine operation reimagined.

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