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Learn About Our Office Water and Cold Beverage Solutions

Do you want to keep your employees happy and hydrated? The BostonbeaN team will help keep your Boston, MA area office supplied with the refreshing cold beverages and water that your employees will love. From water machines to canned and bottled beverages, drink mixes, cold brew coffee & tea and more, we have what your workplace needs. Browse our various cold beverage and water solutions below.

Water Machines

Our bottleless water machines will allow your employees to drink fresh, filtered water throughout the work day. In addition, your team will drink healthier water and avoid single-use waste with these plastic-free options. We even offer touchless water options to avoid the spread of germs.

TopWater provides fresh, filtered, and sparkling water on tap. Learn More
"The Bevi"
The coolest water cooler! Bevi is the still and sparkling, multi-flavored, eco-friendly, healthy water cooler that never runs out. Keeps the office staff hydrated and healthy. Learn More
ION Bottleless Water Cooler
At the source of every delicious sip is ION’s exclusive CarbonPro filter, reducing a wide range of contaminants, transforming ordinary tap water into a reliable source of endless enjoyment, at your home or office.Learn More

Canned Beverages, Bottled Beverages & Drink Mixes

These convenient beverages will offer your employees a quick, refreshing treat during the workday. From canned and bottled sodas, seltzers, waters, teas and flavored waters to cold and hot drink mixes, you’ll be able to stock your breakroom to suit your office’s needs.

Drink Mixes
BostonbeaN offers a wide variety of flavored packets and other drink mixes designed to pour into a bottle of water to create flavored water, iced tea or lemonade instantly. Lots of hot drink mixes available including an assortment of hot chocolates, ciders and chai. Learn More
Canned & Bottled Beverages
Coke, Pepsi, La Croix, Hint, Polar, Honest Tea, Welch’s, Tropicana, Gatorade and Poland Springs are just a few of the brands available from our huge selection of canned and bottled beverages. Learn More

Cold Brew Coffee & Tea

Cold brew has heightened in popularity over the past few years and with good reason. People love the smooth and mellow taste of cold brew coffee. Treat your employee to this coffee trend that is here to stay. Learn how you can bring cold brew to your workplace!

If you’re interested in learning about our other beverage options including nitro cold brew, tea and kombucha, click here.

Cold Brew Coffee & Tea
Cold Brew Coffee and Tea perfectly crafted by local Micro-roaster- Barismo. Available in nitrogen flushed kegs or convenient ready to drink portable boxes.Learn More

Office Water & Cold Beverage Solutions FAQs

Our team tracks the previous orders of our clients. This makes the re-order process simple and efficient.

There is not a set list of cold beverages needed for a breakroom. It is important to keep your employees’ preferences in mind when deciding what to stock. There are some common beverages that most offices keep in their breakrooms, however. Here are some common drinks:

  • Bottleless water machines
  • Bottled water
  • Canned sodas
  • Seltzer waters
  • Flavored waters
  • Iced teas
  • Juices
  • Cold brew coffee
  • Cold brew tea

BostonbeaN can attend to all of your cold beverage and water needs, which will make regular ordering simple. We also offer coffee & tea, food & snacks, breakroom supplies and office sanitization products, so we are ready to attend to all of your office needs.

BostonbeaN delivers cold beverages and water to workplaces in the Boston and Greater Boston, MA areas. This includes most cities in Norfolk, Suffolk, Plymouth, Middlesex and Essex counties. If you’d like to know if we deliver to your city, contact us to learn more.

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Contact us today to schedule your free cold brew tasting. We can bring in some samples of the cold brew or wheel in a kegerator so the employees can tap into the cold brew!

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