ION Bottleless Water CoolerAn innovative appliance that replaces all the bottled water you could ever drink. Introducing the ION Bottleless water cooler, the exciting new alternative to bottled water and soft drinks. Get pure water refreshment at the touch of a button from either of the two models that we offer, TS 200 and TS 400.

At the source of every delicious sip is ION’s exclusive CarbonPro filter, reducing a wide range of contaminants, transforming ordinary tap water into a reliable source of endless enjoyment, at your home or office.

Choose the option that is the best fit for your office. Both are available in stand up or counter-top models.

The ION Bottleless Water Cooler Now Offers Touchless Dispensingwater filtration ion coolers

With Bluetooth touchless dispensing, users can enjoy freshly filtered ice cold, hot, or sparkling water by conveniently ordering from their smartphones. If you’d like limitless hot and cold filtered water on demand without the worry of spreading germs via a touchscreen, the touchless dispensing option may right for you!

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Frequently Asked Questions About ION Bottleless Water Coolers

Bottleless water coolers are connected to a leak protected water line for an endless supply of hot, cold, and carbonated filtered water. The water goes directly from the source through an advanced filtration system, rather being stored in a traditional plastic 5 gallon water bottle.  This also eliminates the need for storing the large, heavy plastic water bottles.

Yes, all of our bottleless water coolers use CarbonPro filters with Anti-microbial protection. This dramatically decreases contaminants in water and provides our customers with a safe and healthy water choice.

Filters are changed on a regular schedule.  The frequency may vary based on the type of filter and water filtration system but it usually never exceeds 6 months for replacement.

With our ION bottleless water coolers, you can rest assured knowing that you are drinking healthy water, without the inconvenience of heavy, unsanitary, and difficult to store plastic water bottles. You can choose from a sleek standing model or a space-saving countertop model. We even offer touchless machines to decrease the spread of germs in the workplace.