The Marco Friia HCS has a sleek design to keep countertops clear. Do you need an easy-to-use water system in your Boston, MA, area office? This water system is easy to use, with intuitive controls! The countertop portion has three buttons for the different functionalities that this water system offers – cold water, hot water, and sparkling water. These buttons are color coded with symbols to make the user experience quick and easy. Cold water is dispensed by pressing a black button with a blue LED-lit snowflake icon. Hot water is dispensed by pressing a black button with a red LED-lit heatwave icon. When the water is hot, the dispenser light will be red; then, you click the button again to dispense hot water. Finally, sparkling water is dispensed by pressing a black button with a green LED-lit bubble icon.

Watch this video to see the Friia in action!

The FRIIA HCS is a multi-function under-counter water delivery system. It dispenses hot, cold, and sparkling water with immediate draw-off hot water. Both the boiler and chiller are under-counter while the sleek, stylish font is countertop. This system is great for offices! Contact BostonbeaN Coffee Company to order the FRIIA HCS for your Boston, MA, area water system needs.

FRIIA HCS Benefits

You no longer need to have a freestanding water dispenser or take up counter space with a spacious water system! The Friia water system’s chiller/carbonator and boiler can sit in a cabinet and only be seen by the dispenser, set up through the countertop. The chiller/carbonator can produce between 175 and 235 cups per hour, and the boiler which dispenses hot water can produce 75 cups per hour, no matter which boiler option you choose. Boiler options vary in dimension, immediate draw-off, and plumbing and electrical requirements. For more specific specs, download the FRIIA HCS Spec Sheet.

Get Your FRIIA HCS from BostonbeaN Coffee Company

BostonbeaN Coffee Company offers the FRIIA HCS water system and other bottleless water machines. View all of our office water and cold beverage solutions in the Boston, MA, area here. For more information, click here or call 1-800-HitBrew to get in touch!