Pour Something Good, Choose the Bevi for bevi 2.0Environmentally Friendly Water

Hi, I’m Bevi.

Your still and sparkling, multi-flavored, eco-friendly, healthy water cooler that never runs out.

I’m a great source of hydration for you and your colleagues. Some say that I am water, un-boring, while others say that my flavors taste great.

I provide high-quality filtered water from your tap. This minimizes your carbon footprint and greatly reduces your contribution to landfills.

I’m also one less thing to worry about. My filter and flavor levels are proactively monitored via the internet and then refilled by a member of the Bevi team or Bevi service partner. The only thing you have to do is enjoy Bevi.

About the Bevi 2.0

The Bevi 2.0 offers still and sparking water on demand – without the waste.

Here are some reasons why to consider the Bevi:

  • It offers still, sparking, cold, hot and ambient water
  • There are many 5 flavors + 3 enhancements to choose from
  • Adjustable flavor strength
  • Touchless options
  • A touchscreen with customization options
  • A refill station that fits all bottles within 12″

View the Bevi 2.0 spec sheet for more information.