Are Your Employees Happy?

Happy employees are productive employees, and those are people who are bettering your business and increasing your bottom line. Do you know when they are happy? Do you know what makes them happy? It is your obligation as an employer to ensure that the individuals who work for you are content. It benefits everyone, and […]

Hot Coffee Can Cool You Off On a Hot Day

There’s always that one guy who is always drinking something hot on a scorching summer day, when all you are craving is a frosty lemonade or an enormous iced tea. And while Gary from accounting is genuinely a know-it-all and a buzzkill, we are here to tell you that in this instance, he’s right. Though […]

Summertime: How to Beat the Heat in the Office

Nobody likes a sticky workplace. It’s hard enough to adult every single day of summer, remembering your carefree childhood spending weeks outside in the grass, on a lake, at the beach; but when your workspace is uncomfortable, it’s all you can do to stay on task. Just because it’s gorgeous out, doesn’t mean you can […]

Coffee Traditions Around the World

How do you like your coffee? Here in America, we drink it hot or iced, at cozy coffee shops, homey diners, in our own snug kitchens, and on-the-go (yay cupholders!). We are fairly new to the whole culture part of coffee, however. It wasn’t so long ago that a good old cup of joe was […]

Hiring the Right Employee for Your Team

As an employer, one of the most important business decisions you can make is hiring the right person for your team. Employees are the lifeline of the company, keeping processes running smoothly and in some cases, being the face of your organization. They deal with customers, keep paperwork in order, and handle the tasks you […]

Cold Brew: Tastes Great and Good for You, Too

Do you drink cold brew coffee? You should. We all know coffee is a staple, but there’s nothing like a good cup of cold-brewed coffee to give your body a much-needed boost. It’s not iced coffee. In fact, cold brew is on a completely different level of coffee consciousness! So, what’s the difference? Regular brewed […]

Starting A Small Business: Where to Begin

Today’s economic climate has set the stage for people to follow their dreams and become business owners. The question most have: Where do I begin? It’s important to have a clear focus and do your research before getting started. Here are a few tips: I “can’t” mentality Get. Rid. Of. It. – This is the […]

Choosing the Perfect Coffee Machine for Your Office

As a business owner, knowing the importance of offering the right types of coffee and having the right coffee machine is a big deal. Let’s face it – employees thrive off that great cup of steaming coffee whether it’s first thing in the morning or late in the afternoon to help them get through the […]

It’s Time For Spring Cleaning! Whip that Office Into Shape

Spring is coming, but what does that mean? Spring always brings new beginnings and time to create a blank slate. That means cleaning up the dreariness of winter in both mental and physical form. Most people consider this a time to clean their homes, but there is one other place that probably needs a good […]

What Biodegradable Really Means

When talking about the environment, you hear the word biodegradable tossed around quite a bit. Even though it has something to do with the environment, what does that really mean? Biodegradable means that the product or material will break down quickly, leaving nothing behind that’s harmful. There are certain items that will break down, such […]