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Savoring the Last Sips of Summer: Unique Coffee Creations for a Smooth Transition

As the invigorating autumn air starts to envelop Boston, it’s time to celebrate with some unique coffee creations. BostonbeaN offers a wide range of flavored coffee selections that can help you and your friends savor the last moments of summer while awaiting the fall season. 1. Spiced Iced Coffee Imagine sipping on a refreshing iced […]

BostonbeaN Can Provide Frozen Treats for Your Office With Just a Snap!

Satisfied office staff tends to have greater motivation and focus when there’s access to snacks and refreshments including hot and cold brew beverage options. ColdSnap is an innovative, sustainable and revolutionary system that literally transforms team members’ moods with frozen treats and beverages. Sound yummy? BostonbeaN has the goods! Give Your Team Options for Top-Notch […]

From Coffee Perks to Office Perks, Our Top-Notch Pantry Setup Should Be Considered an Employee Benefit

Would you like to boost office morale and performance, lower employee turnover rate, and make your company an attractive option for skilled employees? If so, a top-notch office pantry set-up may be all you need to reach these goals. What Do Coffee and Snacks Do for Your Workers? Food and drinks provide the fuel your […]

Work Hard, Play Hard: Why Employee Events Are Vital to Your Company’s Success

As a company owner, there’s certainly a lot on your plate — whether it’s making sure you’re meeting the needs of your customers or achieving your financial goals. One underestimated part of any successful business is figuring out a way to keep employees happy. The reality is that most business owners would rather have employees […]

Decoding Snack Labels: Understanding Gluten-Free, Vegan, Non-GMO, All-Natural and Soy-Free

Navigating snack labels while staying focused on healthy eating habits can be complicated. That’s why more people are seeking snacks that are non-GMO, gluten free or vegan. But what does all of this mean? It’s important to realize that while some people truly need to avoid gluten for health reasons, most of the gluten-free (GF) […]

From Leaf to Cup: Unveiling the Journey of the Tea in Your Cup

The tea that’s steeped full of flavor and aroma takes a fascinating journey from plant to mug. The health benefits of drinking tea and the soothing flavors make it a favorite beverage worldwide. All teas – black, green, oolong, white and others – start off generally the same. After tea leaves are plucked, they are […]

Elevate Your Office Coffee Culture With BostonbeaN’s Ultimate Taste-Testing Delight!

Let’s face it, mundane coffee breaks can dampen office productivity and team morale. If your coffee doesn’t elevate your team’s spirits, BostonbeaN has a solution. We are here to stir up your coffee experience by bringing Boston’s finest coffee right to your office. We can lead your team on a delightful journey, discovering global coffee […]

How To Avoid the Top 5 Brewing Mistakes That Coffee Lovers Make

The average person has been making coffee as part of their daily routine for so long that they think they’ve got the process down pat. But even if you consider yourself a coffee-brewing guru, you’re likely making at least one of these five common brewing mistakes. Review our list and adjust your technique accordingly for […]

BostonbeaN Is Now Tapping into Cold Brew in a Box From Wandering Bear

Calling all coffee enthusiasts! We certainly have some exciting news for you. If you’ve been searching for a way to enjoy cafe-quality coffee right in your own home or office, you’re in luck — Wandering Bear has developed an innovative cold brew that’s a real game-changer for how you’ll enjoy your next cup of joe. […]

Beans to Brews: Your Ultimate Guide to Our Delivery Services

Here are answers to frequently asked questions we get at BostonbeaN Coffee Company. Q: Are Employers Required to Provide Coffee to Employees? A: While not mandatory, providing coffee, tea and water for employees is considered a standard benefit at companies of all kinds and sizes. Offering high-quality coffee and tea is a simple, affordable way […]