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Nespresso Offers Flavors to Please Every Palate

Coffee breaks are one of people’s favorite parts of the day, but taking trips to the coffee shop can get expensive for the employee – and their employer. By the time a person leaves the office, heads to the coffee shop, stands in line and comes back, it’s way beyond the allotted 15-minute break. That’s […]

The Truth About Coffee — Facts and Myths Surrounding Your Beloved Cup o’ Java

There are many myths about coffee that have been passed along through the years, and we’re going to set the record straight on a few of them. There’s nothing quite like starting the day with a fresh cup of coffee. And while some may refer to their coffee consumption as a vice, more evidence is […]

Our Love for Tea and Why it Stands the Test of Time

Tea has been around for millennia. No one knows exactly who discovered it, but there are strong indications that drinking tea first became popular in Eastern nations before making its way into Europe and the Americas. It’s not surprising that Asians were the first to drink tea. Most of the world’s tea crop is still […]

Sunshine and Coffee — They Both Have a Way of Lifting Our Spirits!

Author Anita Krizzan once said, “Spring will come and so will happiness. Hold on. Life will get warmer.” She has a valid point. Sunny, warm weather enables us to enjoy the beach, stargaze, watch the birds, tend to the garden, and enjoy outdoor exercise. What’s more, it also helps us to sleep well at night and […]

Extraordinary Coffee Options at Your Fingertips — or Not — With the Nespresso Momento

The average worker drinks about 20 cups of coffee a week, which comes to about four cups per person, per workday. Put simply, this beverage is a must-have staple for employees of all ages and walks of life. Are you looking for a top-tier coffee maker that will improve office morale by providing multiple brew […]

TopWater: The Fresh, Filtered, Still and Sparkling Water Option Your Office Can’t Go Without

A good coffee maker is a tremendous asset to any office. It boosts employee productivity, improves office culture and morale, and much more. TopBrewer adds another benefit to the list by offering touchless brewing. All you have to do is install the app, select your preferred type of coffee, and hit enter. It’s never been […]

Tips for Boosting Employee Morale in 2021

There’s no denying that putting 2020 in the rearview mirror is something we all are looking forward to! As you take your business into 2021, things will be much different, whether you’re going back onsite or plan to continue online operations. With morale likely low and employees stressed, it’s more important than ever to reward […]

Holiday Office Parties During COVID-19

The holiday season is here, but things are looking a little different in the office due to COVID-19. While traditional office parties may be off the table, there are still a few ways to keep the joyful spirit of teamwork going. Here are a few suggestions: Private Gathering If you have a small office, a […]

BostoncleaN is Taking Air-Purification to the Next Level

These are crazy times with the safety and security of employees and customers at an all-time high. While keeping surfaces protected and sanitized on a regular basis, it’s also time to consider air quality. COVID-19 has already provided major setbacks, with office and other public spaces severely compromised. According to the World Health Organization, air […]

Want to Select Your Next Cup of Coffee Like A Pro? Here’s What You Need to Know

The common question, “How do you take your coffee?” isn’t as simple as it may seem. There are so many options these days that it can be hard when you are choosing your office coffee. Wondering what type of coffee would best suit your tastes? Keep reading to get acquainted with the main options and […]