How Does an Espresso Machine Perform Its Magic?

Gathering in the break room gives your employees a way to unwind and spend time with coworkers while sipping a cup of coffee or tea. Why not consider adding a machine that turns your coffee break into something unique?

Drinking espresso is more than just sipping coffee; it is an adventure. Americans are excited about this European staple that combines depth of color and flavor to take coffee to a whole new level. Your employees deserve the best and BostonbeaN can provide it.


An espresso is not just a drink, it is a process of brewing coffee. Finely ground, darkly roasted coffee beans and high pressure water create a super-charged shot. The sensory experience is enjoyed by your smell, your taste, the feeling in your mouth and even the sound of the machine.  An unforgettable sensation.

Cappuccino and Latte

You can’t talk about espresso and not discuss a cappuccino and a latte. Espresso gives them the depth of flavor. A cappuccino is an espresso with steamed milk and foam in thirds, and a latte is a shot of espresso with two parts of steamed milk and a little foam.

Bringing delights to your break room is as simple as providing your employees with one of these Nespresso machines:

Momento 100

Momento 100 provides the latest technology in its machine that is easy to operate and maintain. Designed for businesses, it has everything your employees want. Hot water and five coffee recipes are offered: Ristretto, Espresso, Lungo, Americano and Large Americano. With a simple touch of the screen, the magic begins.

Momento 200

Momento 200 provides everything that the 100 offers times two. Two employees can make a coffee drink simultaneously. Cut down the wait time and let the break time begin.

Momento Zenius

Momento Zenius provides what the 100 and 200 models offer in a smaller version for a staff under 30. Three drinks are offered: Ristretto, Espresso and Lungo.

Let us provide the coffee drinks that make your break room a place where your employees want to recharge. Call BostonbeaN Coffee Company today to hear about the many brewing and coffee options we provide.