Bring Summer Into the Office With Seasonal Snacks and Drinks

Summer is finally here and your staff is staring out the office window, waiting for the weekend. You can boost their spirits and their focus by bringing summer fun indoors. Turn your office break room into a summery oasis with some clever decorating for a fun, tropical atmosphere. Complete the scene with a variety of cold drinks, light and airy snacks, and fresh fruits from summer’s little helper, BostonbeaN. Here are a few ideas to get you started.

7 Fun & Tasty Ways To Bring Summer Into Your Office

1. Decorate to Invigorate

Brighten up workspaces with scenes of summer and the outdoors. Hang up travel posters, pictures of sunny beaches, family picnics, blue skies, golf courses, seashells and swimming pools to set the mood.

2. Cool Coffee & Tea

Step away from the traditional hot office drinks with something more appropriate for the season. Serve up some refreshing cold brewed and iced coffee and tea and espressos, along with canned and bottled tropical fruit drinks, and flavored waters and seltzers.

office iced tea

3. Heat Up the Playlist

If you have music playing in your office, change the usual repertoire to your favorite summer hits, such as music from the Beach Boys, Elvis movie tunes, or anything that reminds you of fun outdoor adventures and summer vacations.

4. Summertime Snacks

Fortify your break room with picnic-style snacks including a variety of fresh fruits and light fare like salads, fresh sandwiches, energy bars, and ice cream.

5. Dress for Summer Success

Loosen up the wardrobe and the office dress code to allow shorts, light blouses and shirts, sandals, and other hot weather wear (while staying within appropriate guidelines, of course).

casual dressed office workers

6. Add Lighting

Illuminate those dark office corners to help create a brighter, sunnier atmosphere.

7. Jungle It Up

Bringing live plants and flowers into the office areas and break room is one of the best ways to feel the summer inside. Ask for volunteers to rotate with the watering duties.

For the best flavors of summer, equip your office with a ColdSnap frozen treats maker from BostonbeaN. This versatile device serves up fresh, frozen delights including ice cream, frozen smoothies and lattes, and protein shakes in a variety of delicious flavors.

Contact BostonbeaN today to schedule your delivery of fresh summery treats to your Boston-area office.