SmartSoda: The Ultimate Beverage for Flavor and Health

We here at BostonbeaN are never ceasing in our quest to bring better and healthier snacks and beverages to the break room in your Boston-area office. Now, we’d like to introduce the newest addition to our lineup: SmartSoda.

You already know how unhealthy it is to drink regular soda, with all that added sugar and caffeine, but unfortunately, it has become a staple in the office environment. Now you can offer your employees a healthy and delicious alternative with all the flavor and fizz and no down side. Read on to learn more about all the great benefits of SmartSoda from BostonbeaN.

Healthier Hydration

You’ve probably heard doctors warn that people don’t drink enough water in their daily lives. They tout all the good reasons why you should drink more water. The essential ingredient in SmartSoda is pure alkaline water, which has a higher pH level than tap water, more hydroxyl ions, and fewer free hydrogen ions. Without going into all the science behind it, this means that alkaline water neutralizes acidity in the body that can cause inflammation and chronic disease, boosts antioxidant intake, and hydrates more efficiently than tap water.

In short, drinking alkaline water on a regular basis can improve memory and cognition, increase energy levels, strengthen the immune system, improve digestion, promote cardiac health, and help to keep bones and muscles healthy. And SmartSoda can do all that while tasting great, too, offering 29 popular and delicious flavors, plus extra functional shots on demand for energy, immunity and relaxation. To top it all off, the alkaline water in SmartSoda is infused with essential vitamins and minerals. You simply can’t find a healthier alternative to regular soda.


Easy-To-Use Dispenser

The SmartSoda dispensing machine, known affectionately as The JuLi, is a sleek and compact countertop unit designed for maximum space-saving in your break room, with all plumbing contained within the unit. It sports an easy-to-use, 12.1-inch VGI touch screen with an interactive user interface, making it simple for your employees to choose just the drink they want. It uses bag-in-box technology to make reloading the dispenser a breeze. SmartSoda allows you to reduce the cost of having to stock bottled and canned beverages, and your employees will love it.

Contact BostonbeaN to learn more about SmartSoda and how you can order one for your own Boston area office.