10 Fun and Interesting Facts About Water and Why You Should Drink More H2O

Summer and water are the perfect combination. Nothing’s more refreshing on a hot summer day than the magical elixir — whether taking a dip in it at a pool or beach, or enjoying it as a cool beverage (just mix with lemons!).

We all know that consuming water is one of the simplest ways to maintain a healthy lifestyle. It’s even easier than getting in those 10,000 steps. Yet, many of us overlook this simple solution. Here are 10 fun facts to give you a “refresher” on why it’s so important to prioritize your daily water intake.

woman drinking water

1. More essential than food for survival

We love our food and snacks, but in reality, we could live about a month without food. Water? You’ll die within a week without it.

2. The elite 1%

Although water seems abundant on Earth, only 1 percent of it is available for human use. What about the rest? Ninety-seven percent is salty or undrinkable, and 2 percent is frozen in our ice caps and glaciers. We’re all vying for our share of that 1 percent amongst competing agriculture, manufacturing, residential, and community needs.

3. The 75% rule

Your brain is about 75% water. Even mild dehydration can begin to affect cognitive abilities. According to dehydration researchers at the Georgia Institute of Technology, attention, coordination and complex problem solving suffered the most.

4. Big 5 jobs

In the body, water performs five extremely important jobs. It regulates your temperature, carries oxygen and nutrients to cells (83% of blood), cushions joints, protects vital organs and tissues, and helps eliminate waste in the bowels and kidneys.

5. 3 ways the body loses water

Everyday functions, like sweating and urination, cause the body to lose water that needs to be replaced. Did you know that you also lose water when breathing?

man drinking water in his office

6. 8 x 8, on average

The average person should drink 64 ounces of water (eight 8-ounce glasses) daily to stay healthy.

7. It boosts skin health

Water helps keep your skin healthy. Without it, skin is more vulnerable to disorders and premature wrinkling.

8. Water helps with problem-solving

We mentioned that lack of water can negatively affect brain function. But did you know that water is involved in producing hormones and neurotransmitters that boost brain function?

9. Water helps with digestion

Water helps mitigate digestive problems like constipation, heartburn, and stomach ulcers by helping prevent too much acid in the stomach.

10. Water helps maintain blood pressure

A lack of water can cause the blood to thicken, which increases blood pressure.

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