Celebrate National Coffee Day at Work With These Fun Ideas

Mark your calendars for Sept. 29 to celebrate National Coffee Day. This event was first created and promoted in Japan in 1983 by the All-Japan Coffee Association. Americans got on board with their own National Coffee Day some 20 years later.

In the United States, National Coffee Day was first celebrated in 2005, but it took off as a holiday in 2009, when the Southern Food and Beverage Museum in New Orleans used the Coffee Day event as a kickoff to their inaugural New Orleans Coffee Festival. It wasn’t until 2013 that the National Coffee Association began officially celebrating the event.

cup of coffee

What can you do to celebrate this holiday beyond having a cup of the same ol’ Joe? Check out these five ideas to liven up National Coffee Day at work:

  1. Sample a new drink. Yes, we know you love your vanilla latte, but if there’s one day you should explore something new, it’s on coffee’s holiday.
  2. What’s My Drink? Get the team together for a matching game, where employees must match each person to their favorite coffee drink. The one who gets the most matches correct gets a brand new coffee mug.
  3. Swap With a Colleague. Everyone is passionate about their own favorite beverage. National Coffee day is the time to get the team together and swap favorites with a colleague. Draw names, and make someone else your favorite brew. See how many teammates you can convert to your unique concoction of coffee goodness.
  4. Create a Contest. Play trivia, fantasy sports, have a ping pong tournament, or any other team sport event where the winning team gets to have their favorite coffee beverage served exclusively for a full day in the office.
  5. Name Your Company Coffeehouse. Allow your team to get creative with names for your internal coffeehouse. Vote for a favorite and create a logo to post at the coffee stations. Go all out and have mugs made for employees as well.

group of people in office drinking coffee on national coffee day

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