BostonbeaN Offers Touchless Coffee Brewing & Water Filtration Technology for Your Office

At BostonbeaN Coffee Company, we understand that people love coffee. This is proven by the fact that almost two-thirds of Americans drink one or more cups of coffee per day. Boston area employees consider coffee an important part of their daily office routine. We also understand that it is essential for employees to drink quality water to stay hydrated and healthy.

Avoiding the spread of germs in the office is essential as employees return to their workpemployee drinking coffeelaces. Thankfully, modern technology has a solution that allows employees to drink high quality, delicious beverages without having to touch germ ridden beverage machines.

Introducing Touchless Coffee Brewing & Water Filtration Systems

Touchless coffee and water systems allow employees to enjoy and drink the beverages that bolster them through the workday and keep them healthy without touching a machine. At BostonbeaN we give the option of supplying Boston area offices with several different touchless coffee machines: The TopBrewer, Emblem Bean to Cup, Virtu Bean to Cup, Nespresso Momento 100, Nespresso Momento 120 and Flavia C600. We also have touchless water systems including the Bevi and the ION Bottleless Water Cooler. Are you interested in learning more about our touchless coffee & water options? Call 1-800-448-2739 or click here for more information! We’ll now discuss the details of each of these high quality and versatile machines.

How Does Touchless Coffee Brewing Work?

Touchless coffee brewing machines  come with an app that can be installed at no additional cost. The app can be controlled by touch or by voice, making it easy to use and decreasing the spread of germs. The app works in the same way a touchscreen coffee maker does. A person simply chooses his or her coffee preference and then places a cup or mug at the machine. The coffee maker makes the coffee in accordance with a person’s order – and that’s that.

Toptopbrewer coffee machine Brewer

TopBrewer comes with a free app that can be used on iOS or Android devices. Using the app, people can choose their coffee preferences and then put their cup or mug under the machine without touching any common area.

The app lets users customize their favorite drinks and then save their favorite drinks for the future. In addition, TopBrewer coffee makers are connected to CoffeeCloud which is an advanced cloud management system that gives real-time data metrics that companies can use to improve their customer service.

Emblem Bean to Cup

emblem bean to cupIf you are looking for both a coffee and specialty beverage brewer, Emblem Bean to Cup may be the right choice for you.

Emblem to Cup is known for its patented reverse French press technology. It creates excellent cappuccinos, lattes, authentic espressos, hot chocolate, mochas, Americanos and regular coffees. You will have your choice of close to one hundred sizes and strengths and receive the perfect beverage every time.

Virtu Bean to Cupvirtu bean to cup touchless coffee machine

You can order delicious lattes, espresso drinks, hot chocolates, and more with the Virtu Bean to Cup app. It grinds beans, then brews fresh, whole bean coffee cup by cup. Virtu Bean to Cup contains two whole bean hoppers, which allows space for mild, medium, and deep roasted coffee beans and ensures that each person can choose their preferred coffee. Virtu Bean to Cup is another great touchless machine option for your office.

Nespresso Momento 100

nespresso momento coffee machineThis advanced machine contains 13 espresso varieties to choose from. It offers several drinks including: ristretto, espresso, lungo, americano, and hot water. It even includes guidance and alerts when maintenance is needed. Using the app involves scanning a QR code, selecting a recipe, and enjoying a luxurious drink.

Nespresso Momento 120

This quality machine is available in touchless form or there is a model with a touchscreen. Both models prioritize cleanliness. With the touchless version, users can completely avoid touching the mnespresso momento 120achine. With the touchscreen version, there is a notification reminding users to clean the screen between every use. It creates outstanding coffee drinks, including 12 specialty coffees with fresh milk. Nespresso Momento 120 recognizes when capsules are inserted and gives recommendations on the best way to brew the drink. It also has custom settings for the requested temperature and coffee size and a refrigerated milk container to keep milk fresh for more time.

FLAVIA C600flavia touchless coffee machine

Designed to create better breaks for a larger office, FLAVIA C600 brews specialty drinks, including lattes and cappuccinos by frothing any fresh milk directly in the cup. It is designed with hygiene top-of-mind and you can brew straight from your phone using the FLAVIA Tap N’Brew App.


bevi touchless waterWith the Bevi, employees have many choices. There is sparkling or still water available and you can choose four flavors and pure water. There are naturally sweetened, and unsweetened options and employees can adjust the flavor strength. The Bevi is now available with touchless options. Employees can order the water of their choice with an easy-to-use app.

Water Filtration ION Coolerswater filtration ion coolers

You can use your smartphone to order freshly filtered cold, hot, or sparkling water. ION coolers use Bluetooth Touchless Dispensing to prevent many people from touching the same surface. ION coolers are known for their advanced filtration, anti-microbial protection, and water block leak protection. You can choose from a stand up and countertop version, depending on which best fits your space.


topwater touchless water for officeA sister product to the TopBrewer, TopWater provides fresh, filtered, still and sparkling water on tap. TopWater is completely touchless, allowing employees to enjoy an endless supply of still and sparkling water while keeping hygiene top of mind. In addition, TopWater has a minimalist design and takes up little space while bringing modern style to your workplace.


Bring Touchless Coffee Brewing and Water Filtration to Your Office

As employees adjust to working in the office again and get used to the “new normal,” it is important for businesses to take every possible measure to keep employees safe and make them feel comfortable. Touchless coffee and water filtration can help prevent employees from touching common machines, making workplaces safer. Are you interested in installing a touchless coffee or water filtration machine in your Boston area office? Click here or call 1-800-448-2739 to get in touch with us today.

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