Fabulous Foods to Pair With Your Cup of Java

Did you know that Americans drink more coffee than water? A new coffee trends report shows that coffee consumption jumped 14%, as 66% of Americans drink coffee every day. According to the National Coffee Association, that’s the biggest increase since they started keeping track.

So what’s America’s favorite coffee sidekick? While everyone’s familiar with the obvious doughnut in the morning and slice of apple pie in the evening, you may be surprised at some of these other pairings. So grab your cup, and let’s check out a few choices.

Nutella…. Anything

Whether in a crepe, tart, croissant, or toast, this hazelnut and chocolate combination from heaven pairs like a dream with a coffee.

pairing coffee with chocolate cake


Dark chocolate is known to be best paired with coffee. In reality, all forms of chocolate nicely complement coffee. And if you like all flavors in one, say hello to the mocha cappuccino.

Coffee Cake

This cake-for-breakfast classic was tailor-made to pair with coffee. The sweet flavors and delightful textures make it a great complement to your java. A shoutout to other sweet treats like banana bread and blueberry muffins, which can provide a similar pairing vibe.


The salty, savory, fatty flavor that only bacon can deliver pairs delightfully well with coffee. As a result, coffee is prepared to pair with bacon anything, from lunchtime BLTs to bacon-wrapped scallops at dinner.

Savory Sandwiches

Speaking of BLTs, coffee’s mid-day pairings don’t end there. Savory sandwiches, from salami and corned beef to sausage and ham, make a satisfying duo when paired with coffee.


Nothing says decadent breakfast like a crepe. These thin pancake tortillas can wrap up all sorts of goodness, from sweet chocolate and fruit to savory ham, eggs, and cheese. What they all have in common is how well they pair with coffee.

Few beverages can complement both sweet and savory flavors as well as coffee. Try pairing your cup with something new today. Need combo ideas? Try pre-packaged snacks and grab-n-go foods provided by BostonbeaN. You’ll find just the right variety to satisfy your taste buds no matter what your coffee is craving to complement.