Does Your Age Determine Your Coffee Preference? Maybe …

Did you know that Americans drink over 400 billion cups of coffee per year? But not every cup is created equal. How you choose to make and consume this ubiquitous beverage may relate to your generation.

Some like it hot (and some not)

According to multiple studies, an overwhelming number (as in 94%) of boomers drink their coffee hot, while middle-aged millennials, and Gen Zers now in their mid-20s, prefer iced coffee. Like many differences between the older boomers and younger millennials, this clash of the titan generations is dramatic. There’s no middle ground between fresh hot brew and cold brew, so if your office employs both, you’re best served to accommodate their preferences.

person drinking coffee

Zodiac signs align?

One survey identified a loose association between Zodiac signs and coffee preferences. Those who were born under water and air signs leaned toward iced coffee, while the earth and fire types were more likely to enjoy a hot cup of coffee.

Younger drinkers drive the specialty coffee segment

Young people often drive trends. Coffee is no different, as revealed in the Food Institute survey that about half of the 25 to 39-year-olds drink at least one cup of specialty coffee daily. They identified specialty as a broad category that includes both espresso and non-espresso-based beverages that are brewed from premium coffee beans or grounds. Examples include lattes, cappuccinos, and cold brews. Many of these specialty beverages, along with premium hot brews, can be served in your office, right from a bean-to-cup touchless coffee machine.

Drip still reigns supreme

Even as coffee drinkers explore multiple choices for coffee consumption, 41% of daily coffee drinkers identify drip coffee makers as their primary method of coffee preparation. Single-cup brewers like Keurig K-Cups finished second at 27%, with cold brewing coming in third at 10%.

person drinking coffee while using the computer at work

Coffee for all ages (and zodiac signs)

Offering customized choices of beverages at the office is a simple way for you to help make employees feel like you care and that you appreciate and support what makes them unique. From boomer favorite hot brews to Gen Z’s choice of cold brew, from lattes to K-cups, BostonbeaN features a full line of easy-to-use coffee machines and products to satisfy the needs of every generation and zodiac sign. Discover how BostonbeaN can make everyone happy on their coffee break.