Is a Bean-to-Cup Machine a Great Fit for Your Office?

Is the staff at your bustling Boston office particular about their morning (or afternoon!) brew, often wasting time running out to the local café? It may be time to consider adding a bean-to-cup coffee machine to your office.

What’s a bean-to-cup coffee machine?

As the name implies, bean-to-cup coffee machines convert whole beans directly into fresh-brewed coffee. These mechanical marvels grind, press, brew, and pour coffee and specialty beverages directly from one machine.

Benefits of bean-to-cup coffee

Coffee aficionados rave about the aroma and flavor, with a delivery reminiscent of the local café. Because you start right from whole beans packed with flavorful oils, the coffee that comes out is fresh, smooth, and smells like heaven.

person drinking bean to cup coffee at work

Vastly versatile

Many coffee fanatics prefer coffee made directly from whole beans. As shown in this Virtu Bean to Cup Machine, the coffee retains the flavor of the whole beans, and the aroma is unmatched. This marvel of modern technology features a touch screen that allows employees to select café-quality coffee, espresso, or hot chocolate at the size and strength of their choosing. You can stock two kinds of whole beans, one ground, and three specialty products to allow employees to create an endless mix of coffee beverages.

Simple one-step goodness with innovative technology

Bean-to-cup coffee machines feature state-of-the-art technology inside their sleek exteriors, such as the Encore 29 Bean to Cup coffee brewer, to select one of several coffee roasts, sizes, strengths, and customized beverages, all at the touch of a button. Now that button can be touchless, allowing employees to order from their phones without touching the machine. Selected staff can monitor the machine remotely to check bean and powder hopper levels, check usage, run cleaning cycles, and even customize screen videos from a web-based application from any device.

coffee beans for bean to cup coffee machine

Environmentally friendly cost-saver

For offices of 50 or more, bean-to-cup machines prove to deliver a positive ROI over time, as employers can eliminate costs associated with pods and paper filters while investing in whole bean coffee. The elimination of those items also makes the bean-to-cup machines more environmentally friendly.

Ready to get your team a bean-to-cup machine?

If you think a bean-to-cup machine is a good fit for your Boston office and your employees, please discuss this type of brewer with the consultants at BostonbeaN to make sure it works in your space.