Coffee Has Some Surprising Health Benefits You May Not Know About

It’s no surprise we love coffee. The aroma. The flavor. The camaraderie of the coffee break in the office. The visceral boost from the afternoon pick-me-up. Our love of the many iterations of the millennia-old coffee bean transcends time and global cultures.

Oftentimes, things that taste good turn out to be bad for us. Call it Murphy’s Law. But the mighty coffee bean has broken that pattern. It took science a while to evaluate its impact thoroughly, but the results are now clear. Coffee delivers incremental health benefits, no matter its form. From cold brews on a hot July afternoon to an intense espresso on a frigid winter commute, your coffee is doing you good.

health benefits of coffee

It’s an anti-aging serum, sort of

One of coffee’s secret superpowers is that it’s filled with antioxidants, which scientists believe protect cells from aging. Yeah, just like blueberries, apricots and broccoli. According to WebMD, coffee also:

  • reduces the risk of Parkinson’s disease by 80%
  • reduces the risk of cirrhosis of the liver by 80%
  • cuts the risk of gallstones by 50%
  • cuts the risk of colon cancer by 25%

health benefits of coffee

A cup (or two) a day …

Everything in moderation. While coffee offers a whole bevy of health benefits, most physicians recommend keeping your daily intake at 3 cups or less. Your best strategy is to plan your favorite moments and savor each cup. Most coffee drinkers live for that morning cup, either at home or on the way to work. The office is a perfect place for cup number two (and three), as it’s a critical element for the ubiquitous coffee break and, of course, the afternoon pick-me-up.

We love coffee as much as you do. Our goal is to continue to listen to customers like you and stay abreast of coffee trends so that we can bring you the best in service and selection. From cold brew pods to luxury espresso machines, BostonbeaN offers coffee equipment, pods, beans, and grounds to keep your whole team happy and healthy.