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Do your employees enjoy high-quality, locally brewed coffee?

We offer lots of fresh whole bean and pre-ground options that can be brewed in a commercial brewer best suited for your office. We offer single cup brewers, bean-to-cup brewers, traditional airpot brewers, and large capacity brewer options.

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Let’s take a look at each type of fresh brew coffee roast to understand your favorite cup of coffee a little better.

Dark Roast Fresh Brew Coffeedark roast fresh brew coffee

True to its name, the beans of a dark roast have a dark chocolate hue and generally an oily surface. These beans are roasted longer and at higher temperatures than those of other roasts, up to 430-450 degrees Fahrenheit and until the second cracking sounds of the beans are heard. As a result of this increased heat for a longer duration, they lose moisture, density and acidity and develop a bitter and bold taste.

Dark roasts actually have less caffeine than their counterparts. While a cup of dark roast coffee will have the boldest flavor, it will lack the same potency.

medium roast fresh brew coffeeMedium Roast Fresh Brew Coffee

A medium roast finds itself in between dark and light roasts in nearly all aspects. The beans have a semi-dark color and lack any oil on their surface. The taste of a medium roast is considered balanced — not too strong and just slightly sweet.

The beans are roasted until 400-430 degrees Fahrenheit and their first cracking sound, which is a temperature and duration between that of dark and light roasts. The caffeine content, acidity and aroma are also in between the two.

A medium roast is essentially the Goldilocks of coffee and is well-suited for java drinkers seeking a balance of gentleness, boldness and caffeine kick.

Light Roast Fresh Brew Coffee

light roast fresh brew coffee

Light roast beans are roasted at the lowest temperatures and for the shortest length of time, at 380-400 degrees Fahrenheit and just before the first crack of the bean. This results in a light brown color and no oil on their surface.

Compared to those of medium and dark roasts, lightly roasted beans retain much of their original flavor, density, moisture, acidity and caffeine as a result of their relatively minimal roasting. The flavor is gentler but is often considered more nuanced — herbal or fruity overtones can be detected stemming from the bean’s origins. Light roasts also have the most complexity and versatility with respect to aromas.

Bring Fresh Brew Coffee to Your Boston, MA Area Office

One of our representatives would be happy to walk you through the different fresh brew coffee options that we offer, and answers any questions that you may have.