Beat the Summer Slump With These Tips To Keep Your Team Productive

When the summer rolls around, many of us first think about vacation plans or how we’ll spend our time simply relaxing. If you work in an office environment, those dreams can be crushed unless you promote a healthy work-life balance. Whether you’re the group leader or want to do your part to keep your team productive, these tips will help you beat that summer slump.

Keep Your Work Environment Comfortable and Positive

No matter the size of your workplace, the small details make all the difference! Whether it’s investing in high-quality air conditioning units or allowing employees to dress comfortably, it can go a long way to helping everyone keep a positive attitude.

Take time to ensure your office break room is a nice area where staff can unwind for lunch or build rapport with others. When everyone feels valued, it can go a long way to increasing the company’s productivity.

Consider some creative ways to keep your staff in the office during their breaks instead of traveling to the local coffee shop to get a pick-me-up. At BostonbeaN, we have many options to satisfy a cold-brew craving, like Wandering Bear cold brew coffee; a cold latte from POUR’D; or the new 100% organic, ready-to-drink Sail Away CounterTap Nitro Cold Brew.

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Implement Team-Building Activities

When you spend a lot of time with people from work, it becomes important to know them as more than just coworkers. Fostering positivity by recognizing team and individual achievements helps employees recognize how they positively impact your company. It’s also a good idea to have events outside the workplace, such as picnics, holiday parties and other events, to get everyone together if possible. As a general rule of thumb, choose activities that:

  • Encourage positivity and communication
  • Are family-friendly
  • Provide everyone a chance to participate

Make the Office an Inviting Place

Create a welcoming office environment by incorporating comfortable seating, natural lighting, plants and artwork. Remember how much your staff will appreciate cold beverages and water, especially when summer temperatures start to spike. How about a healthy option from SmartSoda? Hydration options include flavored waters, craft sodas, tea, lemonade and cold brew.

Depending on the nature of your business, you can also have other perks available during the summer. What about ice cream? Yes, please! A treat like ice cream, a smoothie or a frozen latte from ColdSnap is a perk every office needs!

BostonBeaN Can Help Your Employees Stay Productive This Summer

At BostonbeaN, we understand the importance of keeping your employees happy and productive, no matter the time of the year. Whether you need breakroom snacks, hot or cold beverages, or breakroom supplies, we’ve got you covered. Contact us today to learn how we can help you stay productive all summer and beyond.