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How Much Do Americans Love Their Coffee?

In the last couple of decades, a cup of coffee is no longer just a cup of coffee and it sure isn’t your momma’s coffee! Americans have taken to coffee and embraced it like residents in other countries that revere the bean, including the Scandinavians and Europeans in Germany, France and Italy. The United States, […]

Great Coffee That’s Good for the Environment

Coffee is big business in the United States, and businesses that provide coffee drinks for their employees have become more concerned with providing not only premium products but products that are environmentally conscious and sustainable. By dealing with companies who implement business practices like the direct trade model, you can also be confident about the […]

Coffee Supplier Spotlight: Intelligentsia

To provide our customers with quality coffees and a superior break-room experience, Boston BeaN seeks out and works with superior suppliers. Among the extraordinary companies we work with is Intelligentsia, a leader in ethical importing and innovative coffee development practices. Founding Intelligentsia in 1995 in Chicago as a coffee bar and retail establishment, Doug Zell […]

Build the Perfect Break Room with These Must-Haves

The break room in your workplace should be a place of relaxation and rejuvenation for your employees. Whether they use it to prepare and eat their lunch or just take a break from their desks and chat with their co-workers, the employer’s objective must be to make it comfortable, attractive and convenient. Here are five […]

Cold Brew Coffee FAQs

Coffee lovers who want some variety from their usual steaming cup of joe are gravitating toward cold brew coffee drinks. Those who are unfamiliar with cold brewing might think it’s just about sticking their regular coffee in the refrigerator, but there’s a lot more to it. Cold brew coffee needs to be made in a […]