Build the Perfect Break Room with These Must-Haves

The break room in your workplace should be a place of relaxation and rejuvenation for your employees. Whether they use it to prepare and eat their lunch or just take a break from their desks and chat with their co-workers, the employer’s objective must be to make it comfortable, attractive and convenient. Here are five features that every break room should have and one more essential element to making it a success.

Coffee – Of Course

Whether it’s Monday morning, the 2 p.m. slump, or working late at night on a must-finish project, many employees must have their caffeine fix. Coffee may be the most common – and most highly demanded – perk of any workplace. But with the much-increased appreciation for high-quality coffee and specialty coffee drinks in recent years, garden-variety drip coffee or instant (the horror!) may not be attractive to many employees. Consider having a high quality pod coffee maker and a cold brew system in your break room so that employees can make the perfect cup every time. You probably also have workers who aren’t big on coffee, so you should offer alternatives such as teas, energy drinks and other cold beverages.

Healthy Snacks

Though your employees probably either bring or order in their lunches, it’s always nice to have healthy snacks available when their energy flags. Items such as granola bars, fruit, popcorn, fresh veggies and dip are great munchies that hungry workers can grab whenever they need them.

Comfortable Seating

No one likes taking a break or eating their lunch on a cheap steel folding chair. Have comfortable sofas and chairs for your workers and proper dining tables for sit-down lunches.


When your workers come into the break room, are they able to easily locate flatware, dishes, drinking cups, condiments and other items? Adequate shelving, cabinet space and drawer storage are necessary to get and keep the break room organized. Also essential for maintaining order is responsibility. Put someone in charge of keeping the break room neat and organized.

Interactive Technology

You might think your employees get enough technology at their desks, but everyone appreciates having some fun in the break room. Consider installing a video gaming system or other interactive technology that workers can play when it’s time for a break.

Employee Input

Not sure what your employees want in their break room? You shouldn’t be. You need to ask them. Everyone who uses the room should be involved in decisions about what is included. Hold a meeting and ask for ideas or pass out questionnaires to get input.

A break room that is well organized and well stocked with drinks and snacks, has comfortable seating, and provides a fun environment supports team morale and productivity. It’s a wise investment for most companies.

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