Cold Brew Coffee FAQs

Coffee lovers who want some variety from their usual steaming cup of joe are gravitating toward cold brew coffee drinks. Those who are unfamiliar with cold brewing might think it’s just about sticking their regular coffee in the refrigerator, but there’s a lot more to it. Cold brew coffee needs to be made in a certain way and the result is a brew that is less acidic, more mellow, and perfect over ice on a hot day or any time. Here are some of the most frequently asked questions about cold brew coffee and their answers.

Q: Why Does it Take Longer to Cold Brew Than Hot Brew?

A: Cold brewing involves steeping coffee grounds at room temperature or colder for at least 12 hours. The grounds can be fully immersed in water or a slow drip may be set up to brew the coffee, but either way the water must be much cooler than in a drip machine, pod machine, press-pot, urn, or percolator (remember those?) to achieve the right results. After the grounds are done brewing, they are then filtered out and the liquid concentrate can be drunk straight like a shot of espresso or diluted with water or milk.

Q: How Long Does Cold Brew Coffee Last?

A: Cold brew can be stored for up to two weeks in the refrigerator after it’s made. Store it at full strength, and don’t dilute it with water or milk until you’re ready to drink it.

Q: What Types of Coffee are Best for Cold Brew?

A: Course-ground coffee generally produces the more mellow flavor that is the hallmark of cold brews. Light roasts are usually preferred over darker roasts because – perhaps counterintuitively – they have higher acidity. But cold-brewing eliminates much of that acidity, resulting in a bright, floral flavor that tastes great over ice. Arabica coffees from Central and South America are the most common coffees sourced for Cold Brew.

Q: What is the Best Equipment for Cold Brew?

A: Many cold brew enthusiasts enjoy making the drink in their own homes and there is a wide variety of brewers that produce excellent results. However, the length of time it takes to cold brew often leads people to get their cold brew at coffee houses or to contract for a cold brew coffee service at their offices. Cold brew services can deliver kegs of cold brew to the workplace that are ready to drink with no time-consuming preparation.

Cold brew is an excellent way to enjoy coffee in any season. For complete coffee and break-room services throughout greater Boston, including cold-brew kegs and dispensers, contact BostonBeaN Coffee Company today. Call 800-Hit-Brew (448-2739).