Coffee Supplier Spotlight: Intelligentsia

To provide our customers with quality coffees and a superior break-room experience, Boston BeaN seeks out and works with superior suppliers. Among the extraordinary companies we work with is Intelligentsia, a leader in ethical importing and innovative coffee development practices.

Founding Intelligentsia in 1995 in Chicago as a coffee bar and retail establishment, Doug Zell and Emily Mange began their coffee education by doing their own roasting and honing their craft as baristas. Over the years, not only did they open more shops in major cities across the country, but they began importing their own coffee, striving for what they view as perfection in taste, aroma, and mouth feel. As the business grew, they increased their roasting capacity and began distributing their extraordinary coffees at wholesale.

Intelligentsia has partnered with fine restaurants, cafes and companies around the country to bring distinctive coffee to guests and employees. They are dedicated to sustainable sourcing, roasting and delivery of the finest coffees the world has to offer to “elevate your coffee program from the conventional to the exceptional.”

Direct Trade Model

The company has been at the forefront of the direct trade model of importing, establishing relationships with farmers, paying them higher than fair trade rates, and working with them to establish cultivation and land stewardship practices that are sustainable and that produce superior beans. Intelligentsia buyers are in the field every day of the year, advising, listening, collecting input, and gathering data to find what works best for the growers and for the coffee in the consumer’s cup.

Black Cat Project

Among Intelligentsia’s recent initiatives is the Black Cat Project. Recognizing that espresso is “just another form of brewing coffee,” the company is seeking to elevate the brew to its highest level ever, sourcing in micro-lots and exploring new tastes and technologies to create “impeccable espresso.”

From Field to Cup

From the field, through the roasting process, to a professionally crafted barista coffee drink, Intelligentsia knows what makes a cup of extraordinary coffee. Boston BeaN loves working with a company committed to such high standards of product quality and ethical practice, and we love bringing  their remarkable coffees to your company’s break room.

An inviting break room is an important perc for the employees of any business and a key element in maintaining company morale and productivity. Boston BeaN Coffee Company in Woburn, Massachusetts, stocks break rooms throughout the Boston area with quality coffees, teas, cold beverages, snack products, drinks technology and breakroom supplies. Call us at 800-Hit-Brew (800-448-2739) to learn how we can create a better breakroom together.