Great Coffee That’s Good for the Environment

Coffee is big business in the United States, and businesses that provide coffee drinks for their employees have become more concerned with providing not only premium products but products that are environmentally conscious and sustainable.

By dealing with companies who implement business practices like the direct trade model, you can also be confident about the ethics of how your coffee is sourced and bought. At Boston BeaN we offer a wide variety of coffee and tea products that are produced with environmental sensitivity and ethical awareness.


Intelligentsia, known for its coffee bars in the country’s biggest cities, provides distinctive coffee to many of the best restaurants, cafes and companies, and is one of many companies Boston BeaN does business with. Intelligentsia has been at the forefront of the direct trade model in the United States, so your company can feel its environmental considerations are in good hands when stocking its product for your employees.

Our Brewing Machines

Boston BeaN provides a selection of single-cup brewing machines, including Newco’s CX3 and Fresh Cup 3, that use pods to brew barista-caliber coffee drinks in your office. Both brew a custom cup of coffee in under a minute with amazing varieties you find a first-rate cafe.

Choosing coffee and tea pods is a big environmental win over the popular K-Cups. Ironically the wildly popular K-Cup was never intended for widespread use, but that is exactly what happened. They were designed for office use. But pods are a newer, more environmentally friendly, and economic option for single-cup brewing.

Here are a few good reasons to choose pods for your single-cup office brewing:

  • Environmentally friendly and toxin free
  • Pods are compostable
  • Pod coffee smells better
  • Pod coffee tastes better
  • Supporting environmentally friendly companies
  • Pods require less energy to produce
  • K-Cups don’t always get recycled

Our Cold Brew Coffee & Tea

Our cold brew coffee and tea products are from Barismo, a local roaster that sources, roasts and delivers premium tea and coffee. It also has sustainable and transparent relationships with top coffee growers, millers, exporters and importers, around the globe. When you use its products, you are assured of product that is sustainable, of direct trade and single origin.

Boston BeaN Coffee Company in Woburn, Massachusetts, sources the best products to stock your company break room with quality coffee, tea drinks and snack products We have sourced great tasting products produced with environmental awareness, so your company can feel good about providing them in your employee break room. We listen to your unique breakroom needs to provide breaktime treats and beverages that will keep your employees happy and motivated. Give us a call today at 1-800-Hit-Brew (800-448-2739) to learn how we can create a better breakroom together.