The Shortest Journey: Bean to Cup

Over 20 years ago, single-cup coffee brewers revolutionized our ability to make a nice cup of java in our kitchen and at work. The DeJong Duke Virtu series of bean-to-cup machines now bring barista-level, custom coffee drinks into your breakroom. Bean to cup – it’s the shortest journey to great coffee!

Upping the Coffee Game

As the American coffee palate has evolved, manufacturers have had to up their machinery game to make a better cup of coffee. The latest trend for providing a bean-to-cup brewer has elevated the coffee experience to a new level that can be experienced right in your office break room.

In March, a round table of coffee experts weighed in at the National Automatic Merchandising Association’s Coffee, Tea and Water conference in Nashville, Tennessee. Karalyn McDermott from Bunn-O-Matic attributed the rise in bean-to-cup coffee to a demand for freshness. The shortest journey, from ground bean to cup, decreases the chemical reactions that occur following grinding, brewing and even holding a brewed beverage in a cup.

Our Virtu Bean-to-Cup Coffee Brewer

Contact us today to schedule a bean-to-cup demonstration with our state-of-the-art DeJong Duke Virtu machine, at your office. Featuring a grinder, two bean hoppers, adjustable bar pressure, and three specialty product canisters for creating things like hot chocolate, frothy cappuccinos and flavorings – this amazing technology with a multi-function touch screen for creating customized beverages is the closest you will find to making a barista-style beverage outside of your local café.

Virtu provides the freshness you yearn for, the variety of drinks and options for customization that can satisfy an office full of diverse people and taste preferences.

And its environmental impact is minimal, with no pods or additional container waste. Maintenance is streamlined, too. It’s a sustainable machine you can feel good about having on site.

BostonBeaN Coffee Company in Woburn, Massachusetts sources the best products to stock your company break room with quality coffee, tea drinks and snack products. Keep your employees happy, alert and motivated by providing good coffee, including our fresh bean to cup options! We listen to your unique breakroom needs to provide breaktime treats and beverages that match what your staff is looking for in a good cup of coffee and a treat to go with it. Give us a call today at 1-800-Hit-Brew (800-448-2739) to learn more about our many product and machine options.