Lovin’ Your Mug

Let’s be honest. Coffee aficionados love the bean, and with that passion comes a lot of emotion. It’s not just what you put in the cup, it’s the cup you put the coffee in that is also important. Everybody has a favorite. Keeping a favorite mug at work can add an extra layer of enjoyment to the ritual of that pick-me-up cup at break time. Drinking a cup of coffee from your favorite mug just seems to taste better too, doesn’t it? It turns out that sentiment may not just be all in your head.

Color of the Cup

The coffee lovers among us know in our bones that our coffee tastes different depending on the vessel we drink from. This is probably what leads us to develop an emotional attachment to our cup of choice.

A small study in Australia tested the influence of three different colored mugs – clear, white, and blue – on the drinker’s perception of various flavor points. Participants were asked to evaluate sweetness, aroma, bitterness, quality and acceptability. And guess what? The results found that the container color influenced the taster’s taste rating on their cup o’ joe.

Among the study conclusions was a suggestion that café owners, baristas and crockery manufacturers consider the cup color and the “potential effects that its color may exert over the multisensory coffee drinking experience.”

What they found was that that coffee drinkers experience the same coffee differently according to the color of the mug they drink it from. Significant difference was found between the white mug and the clear one, as participants sipping from a white mug reported a more intense or bitter tasting coffee and the clear glass, not as much. Those drinking from the blue cup reported more of an intermediate flavor. The drinkers also noted less sweetness when drinking from the white mug.

Beauty in the Eye of the Beholder

Growing up, blogger Gabrielle Pfeifer used to turn up her nose at the boring collection of mugs at her grandparents’ homes. Then, she recalls, she grew up. Once coffee became a part of her life, she began accumulating her own collection of cups.

On the weekdays we, like her, may find ourselves drinking our morning cup from a travel cup on the drive to work.

By the time the weekend rolls around, she is ready to indulge in the ritual of selecting the perfect mug to drink from on that day. Keeping a favorite cup at work helps elevate our 9-to-5 coffee experience.

But How Does It Make You Feel?

There can be a strong emotional bond between us and our coffee cups. They’re kind of like lunch boxes for grownups. Remember sitting in the school cafeteria munching sandwiches and snacks from home but being more concerned about the sense of comfort and independence the Scooby Doo or Munsters graphics on your lunch box brought you between pop quizzes and your least favorite subjects? A little bit of security to hold onto.

Fast forward to the mug in your hand and how it makes you feel. Your feel-good mug might feature a picture of your child or spouse; have an inspirational quote calligraphed on it; or for some of us, it may still feature The Munsters or Scooby Doo. (Don’t worry your secret is safe with us – coffee lover to coffee lover.)

According to a Heinz survey, 60 percent of the participants admitted to having an emotional attachment to their favorite mug. Of those, 40 percent reported their chosen favorite was “irreplaceable” and a third said they would be “devastated” if it broke. Which is a good reason to buy at least two when you find the one.

Whatever color, sentiment or picture is on your favorite mug, it all comes down to how they make us feel while drinking a cup of coffee.

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