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What Do Coffee and Cherries Have in Common? Discover the Answer Every Coffee Lover Should Know

No doubt you’re all too familiar with that delectable daily delight that only coffee can deliver. But do you know how your cup of coffee came to be? Here’s its origin story. It Starts With the Plant A coffee bean plant is a tall shrub reminiscent of a berry bush. Like most plants, species abound, […]

BostonbeaN Introduces POUR’D to Their Line of Office Brewers

Boston fans intuitively know it takes more than one superstar to win a championship. At BostonbeaN, we’re always looking for the next rising star to add to our lineup of office brewers. We found one right in our own backyard! We took notice when the Specialty Coffee Expo (largest coffee event in North America) descended […]

Through Conversation and Literature, Coffee and Words Are a Natural Combination

Coffee talk is a thing. Why? Because conversations just seem to flow better when a tasty cup of coffee is on the table. Think about the times and the places we all enjoy coffee. To name a few: ● When you’re in the break room talking about your weekend adventures with your coworkers ● While […]

Ready to Up Your Pantry-Service Game? Here’s Why BostonbeaN Should Be Your Star Player

Much like the great Boston sports teams where the intangibles made them champions, little things make BostonbeaN stand out. Our sport is serving Boston-area offices with elite coffee, beverage, and pantry services. This allows our business customers to get back some precious time to focus on company growth, knowing that they’re serving employees with snacks […]

Best Coffee Moments in TV and Movies

Thanks to the ubiquity of coffee (and ideal opportunity for product placement), our favorite beverage has found its way onto the silver screen, appearing in virtually every genre of TV and film, from contemporary urban scenes to Westerns. This versatile beverage, suitable for a sip any time of day, has enjoyed more than 15 minutes […]

Celebrate National Coffee Day at Work With These Fun Ideas

Mark your calendars for Sept. 29 to celebrate National Coffee Day. This event was first created and promoted in Japan in 1983 by the All-Japan Coffee Association. Americans got on board with their own National Coffee Day some 20 years later. In the United States, National Coffee Day was first celebrated in 2005, but it […]

10 Fun and Interesting Facts About Water and Why You Should Drink More H2O

Summer and water are the perfect combination. Nothing’s more refreshing on a hot summer day than the magical elixir — whether taking a dip in it at a pool or beach, or enjoying it as a cool beverage (just mix with lemons!). We all know that consuming water is one of the simplest ways to […]

Fabulous Foods to Pair With Your Cup of Java

Did you know that Americans drink more coffee than water? A new coffee trends report shows that coffee consumption jumped 14%, as 66% of Americans drink coffee every day. According to the National Coffee Association, that’s the biggest increase since they started keeping track. So what’s America’s favorite coffee sidekick? While everyone’s familiar with the […]

Does Your Age Determine Your Coffee Preference? Maybe …

Did you know that Americans drink over 400 billion cups of coffee per year? But not every cup is created equal. How you choose to make and consume this ubiquitous beverage may relate to your generation. Some like it hot (and some not) According to multiple studies, an overwhelming number (as in 94%) of boomers […]

Is a Bean-to-Cup Machine a Great Fit for Your Office?

Is the staff at your bustling Boston office particular about their morning (or afternoon!) brew, often wasting time running out to the local café? It may be time to consider adding a bean-to-cup coffee machine to your office. What’s a bean-to-cup coffee machine? As the name implies, bean-to-cup coffee machines convert whole beans directly into […]