BostonbeaN Can Provide Frozen Treats for Your Office With Just a Snap!

Satisfied office staff tends to have greater motivation and focus when there’s access to snacks and refreshments including hot and cold brew beverage options. ColdSnap is an innovative, sustainable and revolutionary system that literally transforms team members’ moods with frozen treats and beverages. Sound yummy? BostonbeaN has the goods!

Give Your Team Options for Top-Notch Frozen Drinks and Snacks

If you want to go beyond your traditional options of cold beverages and coffee and tea for your Boston-area office break room, consider ColdSnap. This amazing new system offers personalized ice cream in a variety of product and flavor options made with the finest quality ingredients.

coldsnap ice cream and frozen beverage maker

Reasons To Expand Your Break Room Options With ColdSnap

ColdSnap can quickly make ice creams, smoothies, protein and fruit shakes, frozen coffee treats — and for those after-hours holiday parties, they can make slightly boozy ice cream! Beyond the freshness and array of flavor options, (which we’ll get to in a snap!) there are plenty of other reasons to get a ColdSnap frozen and cold beverage machine.

Some perks of perking up staff with this modern cold drink maker include:

  • Named Food & Beverage 2023 Product to Watch
  • World Dairy Innovation 2022 Best Manufacturing/Tech Innovation Award
  • CES 2021 Innovation Award Honoree & Finalist
  • Easy to use with beverages ready in less than 2 minutes
  • No plumbing installation required for use
  • Pods are ready to go upon arrival and are shelf stable (recyclable aluminum options will be ready soon!)
  • Other than wiping exterior, no cleaning needed

Enjoy Flavors and Options Galore for Treats and Drinks

We are pleased to be adding to our flavor selections that consist of vanilla, coffee, chocolate and caramel for our premium frozen ice cream and lattes with options for dairy-free oat treats.

The ColdSnap beverage maker can also make natural fruit smoothies and protein shakes with or without dairy added. For those company parties, we also have pods to make alcohol-infused ice cream, frozen cocktails and mocktails — no bartender required!

call bostonbean for a coldsnap for your office

Ready To Bring ColdSnap to Your Office?

While people will always love traditional hot beverages, many are also opting for tasty, refreshing iced and frozen coffee drinks, smoothies and protein shakes. BostonbeaN Coffee Company is the Boston area’s go-to source for those offices looking to upscale the break room experience for staff and make their client waiting areas stand out from the competition. Come to our showroom for a demo of ColdSnap, or contact us to schedule a consultation, receive a brochure or have your questions answered.