Breakroom Supplies Checklist: Have Them Delivered Right to Your Boston Office

The break room is the beating heart of any company’s operation — and a good one can keep things running smoothly.

It’s where your employees gather to relax and unwind, let off pressure, share company gossip, and buck up their morale. It makes them happier and less stressful, and thus boosts their productivity. So it’s important to make it a pleasant environment, supplied with quality amenities that make them feel valued and appreciated. Here’s a short list of what every well-stocked office break room should provide.

Essential Office Break Room Supplies

  • Coffee The No. 1 office break room rule: “Never run out of coffee.” That could be grounds for a mutiny. You need coffee machines that make it easy to provide an endless flow of both caffeinated and decaffeinated java. Of course, you also need to keep cream, sugar and other sweeteners stocked. And for a really nice touch, add an espresso machine.
  • Tea Not everyone does the coffee thing. For them, offer a variety of teas as well as hot chocolate and perhaps some hot ciders.
  • Healthy Drinks For those health-conscious individuals, a wide variety of fruit juices as well as milk stored in a compact cooler or fountain dispenser will keep them happy.
  • Sports Drinks Sports and energy drinks are all the rage these days, and having a wide variety of the most popular brands on hand has the added benefit of keeping your crew boosted during the work day.

  • Water This is almost as much of a break room staple as coffee. Make sure you provide good quality water. It doesn’t need to be Perrier, but not the cheapest brand either. We provide both bottled water and bottleless water machine options such as the ION Bottleless Water Cooler.
  • Snacks Like an army, an office crew marches on its stomach. A good selection of classic munchies like chips and candy bars should be provided, along with some healthy choices like granola bars and fresh fruit.
  • Paper Products Napkins, paper towels, plates and utensils are a standard necessity for the office break room.
  • Cleaning Supplies Of course you have a janitorial service, but if you keep cleaning products in sight, your workers will tend to clean up after themselves. This helps to keep your break room tidy all day long.

Keeping your break room supplied can be a time-consuming hassle. Let BostonbeaN handle it all for you. Contact us today for a free no-obligation consultation