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Looking Ahead to 2022: Here’s What’s Brewing in the Coffee and Tea Industry

While the legends surrounding the discovery of coffee differ, many believe that a herder named Kaldi was the first to understand the power of the beloved bean. He noticed that after eating from a coffee plant, his goats were so energetic that they struggled to sleep at night. From shots of espresso to pumpkin spice […]

BostonbeaN Keeps Up With the Cold-Brew Craze

How did cold-brew coffee become so popular? It all began in the 1600s. First, Dutch sailors began using the brewing process, inspired by the Japanese method of cold-brewing teas. Then, Cuba revisited the cold brew with iced coffee in the ’30s. The Toddy Brewing System hit the market in the ’60s. Fast-forward to the 2000s […]

Heading Back to the Office? Here Are Tips to Set Up a Healthy Work Station

With many people working remotely over the past year, businesses are finally starting to welcome many employees back to their in-office jobs, or to hybrid positions with some time in the office. For those employees transitioning away from pajama-clad Zoom meetings from their couches, here are some tips to make the more formal office environment […]

Want to Entice Your Employees Back to the Office? Here’s How

As more science becomes available to help battle the Covid-19 pandemic, business owners are now able to open up offices to their staff again. This checklist can help employers get staff who have been working from home back into the office, while also helping those dedicated employees feel safe and excited about returning to in-person […]

Celebrate National Coffee Day by Spicing up Your Caffeine Routine

Although at BostonBeaN we believe every day is coffee day, the official National Coffee Day is Sept. 29. As a routine part of many people’s mornings, we salute our favorite energizing berry in its glorious liquid form. The commonly known origin story of coffee begins in Ethiopia with a goat herder named Kaldi. He observed […]

Dark, Medium or Light Roast? Time and Temperature Make the Difference

There is nothing quite like a cup of java in the morning. You can smell it now, can’t you? That delicious fragrance and distinct taste are one of a kind. But, coffee is anything but uniform. While there’s unbounded variety, in simplest terms, your coffee will be either a dark, medium or light roast. Let’s […]

Iced Coffee, Cold Brew and Nitro Are Not Your Average Cup of Joe

You love coffee — and so do we! Whether hot, cold, black, or with cream and sugar, there is never a wrong time for a cup of Joe. The summertime is the perfect time for a cold coffee beverage. You may want an iced coffee, cold brew or nitro cold brew. But what exactly is […]

Employees Returning to the Office? Enhance the Workplace Environment With These Perks

As businesses continue to adapt alongside COVID-19, employers have to consider the best ways to draw people back to the office. Luckily, companies have so many ways they can update their workspace to make it appealing for employees and promote wellness, productivity and morale. Vary Your Atmosphere Different work environments suit different employees. Spaces like […]

How Can You Increase Productivity In The Workplace?

Achieving overall business goals and tasks timely and efficiently—the dream of most office managers and employees. The definition of “productivity” will likely vary for different types of businesses. Increased productivity could equate to meeting deadlines ahead of schedule, gaining higher patron satisfaction, or seeing increases in bottom-line revenue. With those varying needs in mind, we […]

Want To Provide Your Employees With Great Cold Brew? Give The Bunn Nitron A Try

There’s no better way to show your employees and patrons how essential they are every day than by providing them with superior coffee and tea. That’s just one reason why we have added the Bunn Nitron to our catalog here at BostonbeaN Coffee Company. The Bunn Nitron is a unique nitro cold brew commercial-grade maker […]