Did You Know the Flavor of Your Coffee Comes Down to the Color of the Bean?

If you read our previous blog (and we’re SURE you did), you know that coffee beans are not beans at all. Coffee beans are actually seeds. They start out green, then change in color as they roast. The temperature and length of time they roast determine their color and flavor. Most coffee connoisseurs refer to the resulting coffee as light, medium or dark. But what else do we know about these elusive seed “beans” and how they impact our favorite cup of brew? Let’s find out more.

How Does the Color of the Bean Determine the Flavor of Your Coffee?

The color of a coffee bean can give you an early indication of the flavor before you even start grinding or brewing. The lighter the color of the coffee bean, the lighter the color of the coffee, and the milder the taste. Light brown beans produce light brews of a beige color.

flavored coffee beans

Conversely, the darker the bean, the darker the color of the coffee, and the bolder the taste. Dark roast beans can look black and will produce a black or near-black cup brew. Medium-roasted coffee sits like Switzerland in the middle of the spectrum. These reddish-brown beans produce a medium-brown cup of coffee.

How Does the Roast Change the Flavor?

In general, the longer a bean roasts, the stronger the flavor. During the roasting process, coffee beans release oils that impact the flavor and color of the resulting coffee. While a dark roast offers the boldest, most intense flavors, to the surprise of many coffee connoisseurs, it has the least amount of caffeine of all the roast levels. But roasters must be mindful not to burn their coffee beans in an attempt to extract maximum flavor. As expected, light roasts deliver the mildest flavors, and medium roasts are, well, right in the middle.

coffee beans

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