Spice Up Your Holiday Coffee with These Festive Ingredients

‘Tis the season to enjoy festive holiday flavors. Even if you’re fully committed to that hot cup of java with two sugars and a touch of cream at home or at work, you can still expand your horizons and let your tastebuds explore the impact of holiday spices on your traditional brew.

What’s extra fun about holiday flavors is that many can be stacked to create even more joy. Each flavor is impressive on its own but hits a new high when combined with others. Don’t be afraid to experiment to find the flavor profile that best suits you. Here are a few choices to get you started:


Expect visions of candy canes and childhood holiday memories to come flooding back when you add peppermint to your coffee. A quick dash of peppermint extract (be careful! It’s strong) turns your plain coffee into a holiday party.

holiday spice coffee

Cinnamon, Nutmeg, and Allspice

This trio of spices straddles fall and winter. Each can be added to your coffee beans or infused with your coffee grounds. Any of the three will add a sweet and spicy flavor to your coffee or tea; allspice is the secret sauce behind the wildly popular pumpkin spice flavoring that kicks off the fall season. If you prefer post-drip engagement, you can add the spices or sticks (like cinnamon) directly into your mug for stirring before consumption.

Whipped Cream and Marshmallows

The perfect layering choices, whipped cream and marshmallows, add a touch of cream and sugar to your beverage. Marshmallows scream childhood, but nothing beats the fun of a whipped cream mustache on a cold, wintry day. When additional flavors are added, like peppermint or spice, your beverage becomes that much more festive and fun.


Although we think chocolate is a perfect addition every day, some only indulge in this special treat during the holidays. Couple it with peppermint and whipped cream, and turn your office cubicle into a winter wonderland.

chocolate drizzle coffee

Orange Zest

Citrus pairs fabulously with the trio of spices or the sweetness of chocolate to create more holiday joy in your coffee mug. It levels up tea to joyous holiday status as well.

Keeping employees engaged during the holiday season can be a challenge. BostonbeaN can help you make their season bright with an office full of beverage and snack supplies. No matter what type of coffee suits your tastes, we can deliver a variety of roast options and flavors to satisfy everyone’s cravings, during the holidays and all year long.