Add Award-Winning Technology to Your Office With This New Water Delivery System From FRIIA

Water performs essential functions for your body. It regulates temperature, carries oxygen and minerals to your cells, cushions joints, supports your organs, and flushes your bowels and kidneys. Since human brains are about 75 percent water, mild dehydration can reduce cognitive function. 

The new FRIIA water system is an under-counter mount that delivers hot, cold or sparkling water with award-winning technology. With a boiler and chiller that sit below the sleek, stylish countertop spigot, your employees can have immediate, on-demand hot water for tea or cocoa, or fresh cold water with a simple push of a button. 

friia water system

Here’s what water can do for your team: 

  • Reduce headaches: There is no bigger productivity killer than a mind-splitting headache. Drinking water and staying hydrated can prevent these episodes and help your employees feel better. 
  • Improved mood: It may be subtle, but dehydration can lead to irritability and fatigue. Bad moods tend to rub off on coworkers and even create a tense work environment. If you provide fresh water so your employees drink more of it, you will likely enjoy a more productive and relaxed office. 
  • More energy: Dehydration also causes fatigue. At some point, caffeine becomes counterproductive, and it’s merely time for employees to eat and drink. Water can enhance energy and bring feelings of well-being. 
  • Better concentration: The discomfort of dehydration is distracting. People simply can’t concentrate as well if they feel low energy, irritation, and fatigue. When you supply fresh water, employees are more likely to drink it and concentrate on their work better.

friia water system components

  • Improved physical performance: If your employees work out during their lunch hour, make it easy for them to refill their water bottles. Exercise helps concentration and mood, but it canalso lead to dehydration. So, make it easier for your employees to engage in self-care by providing good water. 
  • Workplace morale: When you provide amenities like coffee, snacks, and filtered water, your workers feel you care. These items add to their comfort and help make their office time pleasant. Whether you provide a water system or snacks, your employees will thank you and award you with quality work!


Another bonus to installing the FRIIA water system? BostonbeaN’s bottle-less water machine gives employees fresh, filtered water without plastic bottles littering your office. 

We also provide tasty snacks, fresh grab-and-go food, and full pantry services so your employees work happily and productively throughout the day. Call us at 800-448-2739 to add great BostonbeaN amenities to your office.