Drum Roll, Please! Introducing Symbol Bean-to-Cup

If you’re looking for a new brewer for the office that everyone can enjoy, Symbol Bean-to-Cup offers a unique, flexible experience. Your machine can adapt to the needs of your office, making sure everyone is satisfied.

With three brew sizes and three brew strengths, Symbol Bean-to-Cup can make up to 60 drinks per hour. Whether you need coffee, hot chocolate, specialty coffee or an Americano, you can quickly enjoy fresh coffee made to order.

The two-bean hopper makes it possible to switch between different kinds of coffee beans. To ensure the freshest experience possible, the machine comes with its own burr grinder for each hopper. Two soluble powder canisters (dry milk and hot chocolate) are included to provide materials needed during brewing.

symbol bean-to-cup

With so many options, having a Symbol Bean-to-Cup in the office is like having several coffee makers. Do your employees enjoy a cup of robust, freshly ground coffee? What about a smooth, hot cappuccino? Are they more of a latte-loving team or do you have some on your staff that like to satisfy their chocolate craving with a mocha? Whatever their flavor preference is, this one machine offers dozens of options for your employees. (Did we mention it can make up to 60 cups in an hour?)

The 10-inch HD touch screen makes your brewer easy to use. Symbol Bean-to-Cup has a sophisticated, modern look in keeping with its up-to-date technology.

The Emblem Bean-to-Cup is also a great choice if you are looking for a specialty brewer. The Emblem has all the advantages already mentioned, but includes three bean hoppers and three soluble powder canisters. For an extra sanitary experience with a shared brewer, you can enjoy touchless brewing options.

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