Here’s How to Create the Ultimate Coffee Bar at the Office

Designing a coffee bar for your office doesn’t have to be an overwhelming task! You only need to focus on a few key aspects to bring a lively coffee shop vibe to a corner of your workspace, encouraging productivity and improving morale.

At BostonbeaN Coffee Company, we want to make sure you fulfill your aesthetic goal and pull off functionality and practicality. Follow along to learn how to build a coffee bar in your office.

coffee bar

Choose the Perfect Area

Choose an easy-to-access location that employees can use during short breaks. For instance, a low-key corner of the office or an unused, small room may work best.

However, a few areas do not work well. Avoid areas too close to your main office floor to avoid work interruptions and distractions. Likewise, a coffee bar next to outdoor entry points or bathrooms can create an unappealing vibe.

Create a Comfortable Space

Imagine your employees’ favorite coffee shops in the area. They probably have one important thing in common: an atmosphere evoking emotional connections. A cozy environment may create an instant appeal that employees flock to.

In a larger space, you can implement comfortable seating or encourage standing room. However, in a smaller area, you truly need to take advantage of wall space. Consider wall racks for hanging cups and adequate cabinetry for storage. While organization always makes a space appear more inviting, it doesn’t mean boring! Feel free to use colorful, quirky mugs and eclectic storage ideas for a unique feel.

Stock Beverages and Snacks

Naturally, if you create a coffee nook, you will want to supply coffees and teas. Also consider any extras your staff may enjoy. For instance, they may love:

  • Coffee and Tea Condiments: Some individuals like coffee with cream, milk, milk substitutes, sugar, flavored syrups, and toppings such as cinnamon, nutmeg, or chocolate. If they prefer tea, they may enjoy honey and fresh lemons!
  • Snacks: Stock your cabinets with cereal bars, trail mixes, chips, crackers, jerky, cookies, fresh fruits, yogurts, cheese sticks, fresh breads, and bagels.

Choose State-of-the-Art Equipment

Do your employees enjoy traditional coffees and teas? Surprise them with an advanced coffee machine. At BostonbeaN, we supply:

Your employees can order conveniently from their personal devices, for a germ-free ordering process that won’t leave behind fingerprints, viruses, or sticky residue that can occur on a shared keypad.

What if they desire a cool, refreshing drink of water? An eco-friendly, bottleless water cooler is the perfect option for your beverage bar. They can even benefit from the same contactless option as our touchless coffee machines.

Maybe they love specialty beverages such as cold brews, cold teas, and kombuchas? Choose a kegerator for smooth, delicious cold-brews and teas.

Stock Your Coffee Bar in Boston, Massachusetts

At BostonbeaN Coffee Company, we provide the essentials you need to create the perfect coffee bar, snack bar, or break room. Contact us today to learn more about how we can serve your office’s needs.