Here are the Top Reasons Your Office Needs a Cold-Brew Machine

Do you see your employees migrate to the coffee area during an afternoon slump? Do they flock to the many Boston artisanal coffee shops for a refreshing beverage during breaks? Consider adding a cold brew machine to perk up your staff and keep them in the office during the workday. While tea and hot coffee are classic staples, your team may also enjoy the increasingly popular coffee trend known as cold brew.

What Is Cold Brew?

Cold brew is a smooth, lightly sweet-tasting coffee made from steeping ground coffee in cold water for a long period of time. Unlike iced coffee, this full-bodied, low-acidity beverage is easy on the taste buds and the stomach, yet supplies more caffeine! You can even serve it with ice, milk, cream, sugar, or flavoring for a taste of luxury.

why your office needs cold brew

Why Add a Cold Brew Machine to Your Office?

Imagine a sleek kegerator in your coffee nook, a readily available option for your team to enjoy whenever they prefer. Simply by adding a cold brew machine, you can:

  • Strengthen Your Company Culture
    Show your staff that you value them as individuals and appreciate the hard work they do for your business. Equipping your office with a cold brew machine shows employees you care about their tastes and comfort.
  • Attract New Talent
    Turn a cold brew machine into an alluring selling point for potential hires. It not only shows candidates you provide breaks and fuel for your staff, it projects a modern image of your company.
  • Appeal to Clients
    Feed your potential and existing clients with a vision of your business and values without having to put it into literal words. A cold brew machine shows clients you go the extra mile to boost productivity and increase satisfaction.
  • Save Time and Money
    When you add up all the time employees spend traveling to get their caffeine fixes, it’s shocking how much productivity you lose. Bring their preferred beverages into the office to turn that loss into gain.
  • Enjoy Cold Brew in the Office
    At BostonbeaN, we understand that your employees want to enjoy cold-brew beverages quickly and easily. Our kegerator stores and cools five gallons of fresh cold brew, supplied on tap. If they also enjoy nitro cold brew, tea or kombucha, enjoy the benefits of multiple beverage storage and taps.

why your office needs cold brew

Our experienced team will set up the kegerator next to a standard electrical outlet on your floor space or countertop. We take care of all the finer details, such as delivering the nitrogen and the freshly brewed cold brew. We appreciate national and local coffee roasters, supplying you with only the finest, richest cold-brew blends and teas.

Find out how BostonbeaN Coffee Company can bring your workspace to life with a cold brew kegerator. Contact us to learn more about how we can support your team today.