It’s Time For Spring Cleaning! Office Spring Cleaning Tips.

Spring is coming, but what does that mean? Spring always brings new beginnings and time to create a blank slate. That means cleaning up the dreariness of winter in both mental and physical form. Most people consider this a time to clean their homes, but there is one other place that probably needs a good cleaning as well – the office.

woman working in an office

Want to know how to get your office in shape? Here are our office spring cleaning tips:

  • Assess your inventory
    Knowing what you have will prevent you from getting more things you don’t need. If you have multiples of things, find a way to distribute them among the office, or donate to a charity. The last thing you need is to take up unnecessary space with items you don’t use.
  • Pour on the paint
    Freshen up the office with a new coat of paint – even if it’s just a theme wall. Choose a vibrant color and make a statement.
  • Organize those desks
    It’s time to organize your desk, put away files and get rid of clutter. A clean desk is the first step to having a clean(er) mind to think. You’d be surprised how productive you become.
  • Clean your computer
    Cleaning up your desktop, merging files and purging documents you don’t need can make a world of difference. Don’t forget to give your keypad and screen a little TLC too.
  • Lubricate and disinfect
    Lubricate the office machines – the copier and other gadgets that help the office function. Make sure you sanitize all phones, tables, chairs, sofas and areas that people touch.
  • Breakroom basics
    Cleaning the breakroom is essential. Go through all the cabinets and purge items that don’t belong there. It’s also time to clean the microwave and refrigerator. Look at the supplies you have and replenish what you need. If you have items that have expired – get rid of them. After cleaning the breakroom, you will have time to consider new products, coffee flavors and maybe a new coffee machine. These are the types of office perks that employees value. The team at BostonbeaN has all of the supplies you need. From cups, paper plates and paper towels to cleaning supplies and first aid – we can supply it. And of course, the coffee!

These are just a few ways you can welcome spring into the office. Hold a meeting, get everyone on board, pass out cleaning products and get to work! After all, teamwork makes the dream work, right? When your team is done, nothing beats a great cup of coffee.